Is there any driver who is actually having no issues nd enjoying this job?

Welcome to the club :blush::point_up:

Reading posts here, everybody is complaining. That motivated me to write this post

been doing this since February and I like it

I’ve been doing it for over three years with over 4000 rides and I enjoy every day and every trip I take

I don’t understand how people do it for extended period of time just because of the wear and tear on your car

That’s why I’m leasing a vehicle through Uber unlimited miles both when you are driving for Uber and your own personal time,free basic maintenance oil changes tire rotation and a few other things yes it’s expensive but I drive enough so uber just takes it out of my weekly pay Uber is no longer leasing new vehicles through car dealerships anymore

Best to buy a cheap car for about 5k and drive it. Costs less for one year for the 5k car than a lease car you can’t keep

Yeah our situations are very different I’m sure it works well for a lot of people