Is pimping our ride a good idea?

So since I noticed a pimp my ride video from another user. I thought I would ask if there are any other karaoke drivers in the group? Or other drivers that have done amazing things to their car? I would love to see other pics and stories.

So I have a lot of this stuff in my vehicle as well. #jaxswaggerwagon Now before everybody starts saying it’s gay in its dumb and you get one stars all the time I’m gonna disagree with you and I have numbers to back it up. I have managed to take my vehicle and set it apart from all the other ubers around town And even been featured by the local media in a positive manner. With the way the media loves to do negative stories on Uber and Uber drivers yo can talk all the smack you want but mine is a positive experience not in negative one

My good friend Scott in Austin TX drives “The Land Yacht” in Austin TX. You can find his page on FB under the same name. I am willing to bet his video collection is bigger then yours. He also has more monitors. Follow you passion Jashua, only the crazies will think your crazy

Aww looks like his page is out of date but that’s awesome… there is another karaoke driver here in Portland, someone in LA, New Orleans, Chicago, New York, London… we get around… There is another friend of mine in Portland who has amazing interactive ride called the spaceship experience… I love when people find ways to go the extra mile.

Pimping your car isn’t a bad idea under certain circumstances I.e. your clientele, market, average age, college and/or bar crowd.

Market matters so much. One of my favorite rides is down in South Florida… Guy has an amazing following…

Yeah I do Kareoke in Mississippi. During Mardi Gras had a lawyer pay me $300 just to drive him and his party around from yhe Ball to several bars singing

I’ve done wine tours in the Willamette Valley and a few celebrity rides that have had amazing tips… Do you man. That’s awesome :slight_smile:

We all have our own lane. I wouldn’t do this if IT WERE FREE for me but if it WORKS FOR YOU, congrats. Zero hate.

I think this is cool and I bet a lot of passengers love it. I couldn’t drive with all that going on but if I was out with my friends I would love it. Good work.

Waste of money…this is an XL car and these cars don’t have much demand as a matter of fact…we don’t need karaoke for high income or ratings. Honestly.

Thurs-sun xl and plus only… Very busy… It’s a college town, and on Sundays there are always weddings in wine country. Each market is different. Gas is too much $$$ to drive x for me right now the only time I do x is when I do mon-wed 2am-10am commute.

Portland Oregon, you’ve got to keep perspective to in our city of 1.6 million people last year according to City officials there were over 14 million Uber and Lyft rides that were served. We know this because they collect at .25 tax on all rides and had a $5000000 windfall.

I m in Canada and Uber here sux in comparison cause Canadiams don’t tip 99% of the time which sux. Also XL is not much demand either here.

that would honestly make me crazy, tips are a huge part of my bottom line. An additional 20-30% of my income is in tips.

That’s where the music and lyrics come from. On the weekends my friend remotely connects to my laptop and helps out with the dj part so that we can keep driving and not have to pull over all the time to select songs the riders just tell Tek what they want, so I can focus on driving and being a nice host… when Tek can’t join me we pull over to select songs or riders make a playlist before we go.

I like that method too but have trust issiues lol. Another friend who has an amazing Uber ride has everything based on a tablet app he made. So in his ride everyone uses tablets

Do what you feel you need to do, it’s your business. No way in hell would I do that, but to each their own

I get return requests too… Which is awesome because I try and do my pre night club runs far far from town.

You missed the part where I am not operating it its operated remotely by my friend who is also the ride DJ… When hes not avail, they songs are selected before we get going. Laptop is closed for the ride.