Insurance and liability are the first things that come to mind on this

Is it something new that drivers are doing? I picked up a passenger yesterday in Richmond who was going about 2 miles up the road maybe 6 minutes away. when you got in the car he asked me if I wanted him to cancel the ride so I can get the whole cancellation fee which is more than you get if you take me, but you still have to take me of course I told him no but I started thinking about it. he told me he had several drivers offer the option to him he said normally doing it this way normally said some about $2 on average what are you guys think about this strategy

One of the reasons they need to make the minimum fare equivalent to a cancellation fee.

It’s nice he offered but personally I’d rather take the ride legit. And I’d get the ride to count towards my bonus.

Yeah because he will pay $5 instead $6.45, In my city. and he will report you to uber after that. And they will refund it to him, actually he’s paying nothing.

No! If you cancel the ride and take the pax anyways, you’re setting yourself up for serious legal issues! What happens if you happen to get into an accident and your pax is seriously injured??? You get held responsible for those costs, not uber/Lyft!

your not on the meter. you wreck passenger sues you for everything you got, you call uber, uber says “you werent on a ride, that ride was cancelled”… passenger gets most of what you own plus a good deal of your future income for his pain and suffering because he paid you to give him a ride…

Unless you’re smart like me and own literally nothing. A lawyer would laugh at anyone trying to sue me!
(Edit: not actually a good strategy, but true for me :joy:)

Collecting the cancellation fee is not the same as a person came for the ride liability issues with insurance only comes into play if you giving someone a ride and they’re paying you for it there’s no legal liability issue for giving someone a ride

you are legally responsible for everyone in your car. Your own mother can sue you if you wreck driving her around.

If your app is not on and you’re not collecting money from a person there’s nothing illegal about giving them a ride to one place to another

your insuurance has limits, what if he sues you for more than those limits? who do you think wil be responsible? and unless you have rideshare insurance added to your policy, good chance your insurance will not cover any of it

Facts evidence proof… these elements are on your side if you choose to enforce them when it comes to insurance companies they’re trying to pull you and tell you know they’re not going to cover you for something because of this that and this but if they cannot prove otherwise they cannot do that… maybe it’s me but I really enjoy fighting the system

Plus what if you get a ping for a new customer and need to turn before letting them out …

Why would I want to miss what could be an awesome next customer for a customer who wants me to break the rules :expressionless:

you know what, on second thought, its a perfectly good idea, and i recommend it.

Better hope it isn’t an Uber mystery shopper looking for just that. You will get deactivated permanently. No questions.

This guy gets in my car and says to me. I’m going to change my destination way further away. I said no problem. He says to me that he didn’t have enough money in his I assume credit card account for the long trip. But had enough for the short trip to be approved. The long trip was only a 55 dollar fare.

to me, thats not my problem thats ubers problem, and once he changes it they owe you for the ride. let them work that out

The pax could tell the tnc that it was your idea and you’d be deactivated for violating the toc.

He said he use to drive for uber and others did that. I’m sure he will eventually be deactivated or make his account good. I learn new stuff everyday good and bad