Im tired of all the complaining

Ok so to be direct I saw a post earlier saying that we should ban people from complaining about what percentage uber takes and i have to agree. We as drivers signed up for miles and minutes thats our contract thats what we agreed to. so yes if u see anyone on here complaining about uber and the money flag those post i will be happy to delete em

I don’t even look at the break down. If it weren’t for Uber and Lyft, I wouldn’t have any passengers at all. Their platform has value. They need to raise their rates to the benefit of everyone.

please excuse my ignorance but how do you flag a post? Thank you!
This is for Eddy and no one else or comments needed. Ty

Well when Uber first started it was 20% of the FARE which was based off of time and mileage. Uber got greedy and changed the terms.

It doesn’t matter people are complaining because of the huge differences, however it’s more of the newbies complaining than the OG’s.

Drivers still get their percentage they signed up for, The only difference now is it is based on your city rates or market rates not the total fare. It’s still 20%-28% based on the platform and the date you signed up for.

Why you always take the longest route then tell the pax Uber insists on it due to upfront pricing… Also why you should leave the meter running as the charge can’t exceed the upfront price for the pax but you get paid time and miles regardless… I check details on every trip… If enough folks work smart and make this backfire they will eventually stop it… If not at least you make your rightful chunk of Ubers fare… And a lot of. Thr time cost them money…

I dont think this is something that should me moderated why cant ppl vent. Either way. As long as they are respectful then what’s the problem?

the problem is they signed up for this shit and we gotta put up with their bickering and complaining like they some children. if u dont like what u do than fucking quit dont whine like a lil bitch about it. hell mcdonalds is always hiring if u think uber is so bad. this page was made to share ideas and grow as drivers not to read every cry babies thoughts about how they think uber is unfair

I didn’t know about upfront pricing until I saw it on here when I first started. I probably would of complained about Uber’s take if I didn’t know. My bet is that majority of those posts about it are new people or prople who didn’t know about it. I just ignore them. It literally takes 2.5 seconds to realize what their post is about and swipe past. To me it’s a waste of time to complain about the people complaining.

That bickering and complaining actually gets shit done. Enough drivers realize they’re getting screwed and they fight it. It’s happened before and it’ll happen again. If you censor these posts, you are working against the potential chance that enough drivers will get fed up and do something about it. Censorship is wrong. If you don’t like it, don’t read it, unfollow it, etc. When you start censoring anything you go down a bad path and one that discourages discourse and engagement with others.

I’m not sure why you will remove someone when they feel the partnership seems one sided and not exactly how driving was sold to many drivers? just my opinion…

Going along blindly and not challenging things is ignorant beyond reason. Change doesn’t happen with complacency. It happens when enough drivers realize they’re getting screwed and take action against the company screwing them. Gaining public support, until a resolution is found and implemented

If you don’t like the pay that’s okay. Know that you tried and move on to something else.You can speak freely. However, people are free not to listen to it if they so choose. If the admin of the group wants to set a certain tone for his/her group they can. This way you can use your free speech elsewhere :slight_smile:

I’ve personally deleted many drivers because they were always negative. Its like I filter out that type of content. This way I have few comments to scroll over

Well i read, i did but the details of 25% of millage i kinda blew past, it was the seasoned drivers that pointed it out to me. This is why it is important that we e be tolerant of new drivers. i really likr this group because thers will always be someone who knows something that i dont but need.

Im not a Trump supportor nor am i left. I hate trump. I am not republican or dem. I have my beliefs which seem to be aligned right with freedom. Neither side seems to be aligned that way.

I get it, people get tired of seeing the same complaints, its an issue that never goes away. It is mostly newbies or newer drivers. When i was new people talked me d own with education. Whatever happened to tolérance, patience and respect? Treating people with dignity? I guess its just easier to delete and sensor instead of educate.:sleepy:

Unfortunately many new drivers don’t research ridesharing before jumping in the car to make that fortune. There are plenty of books and videos and especially the TOS that many don’t know exist.
I would want to know how my pay would be broken down… Über, rider and me.
It’s unfortunate that adults cannot educate themselves for free mostly to be a Driver that is knowledgeable about the job he’s doing and wanting to make money.
So many don’t have a clue about insurance, that’s so important.
That’s my problem with newbies.

Now someone will read your comment which is not offensive and go educate themselves. I dont remember people being so mean and intolérant when i was new. It is easier to delete and sensor but just the c omment you just made will go a long way to help someone.