Im tired of all the complaining


(Jonathan Green) #21

Delete the repetitive complaining about the complaint posts too while you’re at it. Maybe change the name to uber/lyft driver advanced since you don’t like newbie questions

(Peter Nelson) #22

Hey if you’re ok with uber’s underhanded tactics. Uber forces you to accept and agree to how they want to do it. They change something making it worse again they force you to accept terms and be ok with it. They charge customers however much they want and the customers assume drivers get paid well when sometimes a driver doesn’t get close to half. But you’re all ok with uber paying so little to you. Getting a personal driver was never meant to be almost as cheap as a bus.

(Harold Young) #23

There are a lot more rights being violated by the TNC models than majority realizes. It’s not hard to educate one-self but people don’t care until it affects them personally. International Consumers’ Rights League

(Dennis Scott) #24

Wow never said I currently drive but I just see a lot of people who seem ok with being annoyed over others not eating whatever uber gives them

(Allicia Lopez) #25

I agree with you, but what it comes down to is this site is a place for all drivers to have conversations questions and gripes that people outside of ride share don’t want to hear or know what we are talking about. Like any FB posts I skim through unless something interesting pops up.

(Greg Poprik) #26

Finally, someone with common sense, thank you.