I'm prepared to drive 60+ hours every week

Where are all the full timers? Strategies? How many hours average do you work daily? What’s the best areas? Morn noon and eve? Goal 1k a week…please advise
Thank your for your help.

I’d like to offer you some advice, then I suggest you delete this post.
This group isn’t here for this. New drivers or PT turned into FT drivers come in here all the time asking the same exact questions OVER & OVER & OVER AGAIN. This is what everyone will say:
•No one is going to give you “answers.”
•Find what works for you in your area.
•Don’t assume you’ll make $1,000 a week just starting out.
•View all the pinned posts in this group & scroll through… like aaaalllll the way through… read posts from weeks and weeks ago. Chances are-- your questions will be answered.
•YouTube is your friend.
•No one will give you their hot spots (especially in this group) bc it’ll cause you or others to saturate their areas.

Basically, drivers come in here to vent, laugh, be petty, be funny, complain, network, etc… Actually showing you how to be profitable in your own business isn’t gonna happen here.
I only suggested deleting this post bc if it stays in here, you’re gonna get a lot of bullshit, petty, short or false answers.

Pleasant hill rd, satellite blvd, peachtree corners, norcross, dunwoody, sandy springs, roswell, perimeter mall, alpharetta, smyrna, vinings, cumberland mall, esst cobb, kennesaw acworth, buckhead midtowm downtown, lenox and perimeter mall, atlantic station, east atlanta, west midtown, morehouse and spelman, emory, georgia tech, airport, east point, college park, marta stations, georgia dome and philips arena when they have events… need anymore hotspots just ask.

Just do it… Log on at wake up log of when tired… Keep it logged on 24/7 guarantee that bih will go off at sometime or another

Yes you can and if u find some people going to regular locations ask if u can be there regular driver? Meaning you go there at the same time on the days they need you and you turn your app on and not before then and when you get there and they request the ride closer to them (with you) and you accept and take them there

I close with 800 or better EVERY week. But I also drive from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily mon thru Fri. Also on Fridays I work over night as well.

As for hot spots, they are none that I have see that are consistent. Doing a mix of uber eats and people help me a lot.

I’ll share with you what I can to assist in your success.

It won’t happen. You may get lucky a week or two a year to make 1000 a week. But realistically most full time UberX drivers make in 40 hours less than 400 BEFORE taxes. So your take home after 25 percent uber fee and holding money back for taxes another 25 percent…is always 50 percent less than the total of what your weekly pay says. And that’s not including gas insurance and car note.

Some people dont have car notes. Also some drivers dont owe taxes thru deductions and life circumstances

This is my second week driving Uber. I found that working late night to early morning with 5 to 6 hours of sleep appx 7 Day’s a week could get you to $200 a day when u let your days lapse over i.e late Fri to early sat rest and repeat.

Also if u get a pax that suddenly changes their destination or ask you to stop somewhere, do it. Don’t argue. After you drop them off and rate them, report to help desk on your app that they changed their ride and you need an adjustment. Uber will reimburse you. Ppl will use u and not tip. Also get a tip jar.

Yep! 16 hours a day…Maybe average 150 to 200. 7 days a week. 16x7=112 hours per week on average needed in order to make that a week. That’s almost having 3 full-time jobs.

I went to the General Store and spent $2 on shoe strings and tied it around my 2 pencil pouches and headrest for a $1 a piece so $4. They also have a zipper to insert cash. I didn’t want an actual jar because pax need space. So this isn’t in the way and the pax knows how u feel. Just check it every few rides so nobody steals your $.

Thanks ladies. It is never in the way of airport passengers needing space and they can’t pick it up and walk away… Imma know. Lol. :eyes:

I stopped arguing and being “nice” because they do not tip and they wanna get over. Nope. Now I am professional and say sure, where to? After I rate I go straight to earnings, then help & select issues w/ my fare, flat rate trip includes stops FYI. The pax can’t deny it because our phone has a gps tracker that shows our activity. No more Ms. Nice Gal.

Break your daily goal up into two parts. Work in the morning between 4-9 and go home get a break and come back out from 4-8 in the evening to finish. You should make at least $150 a day with this method. Start from home and let the app take you from there.

Helping others will take you a long way. I don’t get the point of people saying they don’t give info because of competition. This city is to big it’s enough money for everyone. I hope you get all the blessings you deserve

People so petty sometimes as if they can drive every single fare available! The very fact that there are areas in a near constant state of surge as well as events after events paying surge prices shows that there are always more customers than drivers! Some folks just can’t help but be trifling and selfish I guess! SMDH

Does Walmart give strategies to local mom and pop stores?

Asking for a friend.

Probably best to join a group that is team driven for individuals is my opinion. Just to stay motivated and not do this alone. You may have to drive different times a day to see what seems more profitable for you. Monitor surge areas and don’t start at 8am

If you’ve been driving part time since April, you should know what works for you. Now, you simoly do this for more hours. If haven’t figured out how to make money from Uber after all this time, it may never happen.

A lot of drivers give every rider only 4 stars…always. Unless they tip, then they are given 5 stars. That’s what a lot of drivers do I’ve heard.