I'm out for the night fuckk and my rents due


(Lance Rodriguez) #41

keep writing Lyft. You’ll get different reps each time…some are more generous than others. If you like kids try A+ Nannies or Care.com. Lots of jobs available. I’m thinking about going back into childcare, and only driving part-time. Hang in there :kissing_heart:!

(Melinda Foster) #42

Try A+ Nannies. My schedule is out of wack now bc of my son’s doctors appts, so I can’t take any new assignments , but they’re always sending me emails.

(Bector Ernest) #43

I know how you feel … I have rent due and I don’t have the money ,but someone threw up in my car one night and they gave me $100 but that looks like they need to give you a lot more than $100 oh my gosh that sucks!