I'm out for the night fuckk and my rents due

Damn, Damn Damn!!! in my Florida Evans voice Y’all make me never want to work nights. I had a guy acting like he was ready to blow chunks on Memorial Day at 3:30pm going from Piedmont Rd to Northside Drive and I went home. I’m done. :expressionless: When a rider tells uber/lyft that they think that the driver been smoking weed, drinking, being disrespectful and so on and on. We get suspended (under investigation) etc etc. They need to do better when we loose a night of work due to, young stupid kids puking all over. It is disgusting, annoying and unfair

You can get a seat cover from AutoZone and it’s the cheapest I’ve seen that has the middle seatbelt crossover. It’s 50 but Walmart has a cheap version without it for 10 and 15 back in the automotive section. You can cover it up and still work. Since day one I’ve seat covers. I don’t play that

Go to Walmart after you submit pics… Get some Woolite and fabric febreeze and damp cloth then go to a Gas Station with a vac. Clorox clean up wipes will do some wonders

That’s why I don’t do street pickups after 9:30. I head to the airport I started that schedule after these 2 girls almost threw up in my car. That smells almost never leaves even after you detail it

I have the 1 galling bags, I separated them and opened them and have 2 in each back seat for quick access. Also let pax know they may be charged if they make a mess. They normally hold them

The best bag is the Priority Mail Tyvek Envelope at the post office…water proof…self sealer and large opening (hard to miss)…and it’s FREE!!!

My wife gave me this idea…she even opened up a can of vegetable soup and poured the contents in the bag with a can of water…sealed it up and then “threw it up” (pardon the pun) in the air and around the garage…no leaks, smell and easy disposal…

Oatmeal lite interior coffee for dark it absorbs the throw up for easy vacuuming, Lysol dis-infect, resolve has a quick dry agent and will also help with the smell.

Late night hit a cig or a jay that will really cut the smell! If she doing the club rush they won’t notice loud in the air :joy::joy::joy::eyes: Put some coffee in a sock to help with the smell.

damn imma see a post shortly saying, Morris told me to pour coffee on the mess now it’s a bigger mess my life is over!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

This is why I can’t pick up from bars. Weak stomach!! Missing out on late night Fri and early Sat/ Sunday pick ups’s due to this !

That pic just made my intestines itch, followed by that lizardy acid smell. The kind that stings the noise and leaves a backlash. Ugh! coupled with it getting on her OMG I can’t even process that part

i got 180 and it was all over the car but its whatever i detailed it myself for $12 so that extra one 168 makes up for tonight The fact that you got to $250 for that and I only got 180 for all of this confuses me I should have got way more than that but I’ma be grateful for what I got Lyft could have come with some bullshit and not giving me anything

I know it’s too late, but my suggestion going forward is to invest in seat covers. Keep those on all the time. Then in the event this happens remove those and until you get the cover cleaned. Also register for Uber Eats. That way you can still deliver food since no one can sit in the back seat for now.

Plus…think about it, you’ll get a $150 cleaning fee but only need money to clean the covers vs car cleaning so you’ve pocketed more money.

good, I know it won’t help now, but maybe for next time. But for tonight, sounds like you’ve got to either clean yourself or take care of it tomorrow. Problem with that is the seats will still be wet for hours afterwards so more waisted time. Sorry.

was able to get that last ride it was one person so I could put them in the front seat since it’s wet in the back. Thank the Lord and car doesn’t smell like vomit at all after all the scrubbing and vacuuming I did.

Set up Amazon Prime for one month. Call customer service and use it for this order to get the seat covers by Tues, then cancel after you receive the seat covers. It’s equal to or less than the shipping fee.

I think there’s a lot of folks here that will sell some pipe… cheap…

…No shade - just sayin’…

German’s Car wash (behind Chevron) on Cobb Pkwy @ Windy Hill. $80 shampoo seats, carpets, wash. Smells like … Victory. (trivia; what movie?)