I'm out for the night fuckk and my rents due


(Kenneth Miller) #21

Me too. They’re long, green and ugly and you can take it with you. Plus I have the good wipes from the hospital Smh. See I’m glad I work at the hospital full time. I keep vomit bags in my car. This makes no sense.

(Paul Garcia) #22

Who done this terrible, terrible deed unto your backseat? What cruelty? What evil? Bring them forth so that I might do some shit about it.

(David Smith) #23

I went to the Traphouse on Moreland and they cleaned mine up for 30 bucks. I may have gotten lucky though but you can give it a shot

(Audrina Jameson) #24

I lost money not driving tonight so bought $12 worth of stuff and pocket up the rest of the fee. There is no odor of vomit whatsoever in the car

(Peter Dave) #25

I did the same thing. Somebody threw up on mine at 3:00am on Saturday night. I charged them 80$ and spent like 10$ on cleaning supplies from Walmart to clean it up.

(Mitchel) #26

When someone throws up at a restaurant I don’t have to clean it up suck it up smile and be like do you want some more biscuits… mama’s going back to Red Lobster

(Haris_McMan) #27

Haven’t decided which one I want to go back to since I just decided to go back to waiting tables an hour ago. I’ve worked at so many

(Amanda Halen) #28

She did a good job. I’d be fighting someone. I’m happy my whole interior is all pleather/vinyl except the floor, but still. :rage::triumph:She did a good job. I’d be fighting someone. I’m happy my whole interior is all pleather/vinyl except the floor, but still. :rage::triumph:

(Maurice Nixon) #29

Dang, you might want to get those dog pads and towels to cover them. That would have saved your seats and allowed you to keep riding and collect a cleaning fee also.

(Andrew Martin) #30

At the beginning. She talks about it getting her arm and her face. Then even the friends get out too without even an apology.

(Kimberly Nelson) #31

can you please tell us how you cleaned up ur car so well? Or where you went to hv it cleaned?

My passenger side back seat is turning colors from folks dirty asses/clothes sitting in it. :rage::rage::rage:

(Sharon Green) #32

I dont see it. I see wht other people are telling her to use.
I guess ill just youtube it like she did…:confused::confused:

(Sue Cooper) #33

I’m pretty sure she followed what Morris Pulliam suggested “Oatmeal for lite interior (coffee for dark). It absorbs the throw up for easy vacuuming, Lysol disinfects, resolve has a quick drying agent and will also help with the smell.” And a whole lot of elbow grease. Says she spent about $12 at WalMart.

(Donna Harris) #34

I am so sorry you had to experience tht kind of B.S. tho.
I always do the night life and ive never (knock on wood) had that kind of bad experience before.
Don’t give up on the night life tho. If you decide to do it again, just dont go where those clubs encourage the young college kids to drink. Prime example: Buckhead area off of Lenox rd and Roswell rd.
Ive started avoiding that area and I go to the strip clubs and this one particular club called “ELEVEN 45”. I picked up a rider from there Friday night (the club closes at 3am sharp) and his final destination gave me almost $20!
Idk about you, but I crave for the long rides. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:
Also, if you notice a rider that is real tipsy and or belligerent, you don’t have to accept the ride. I look at them as they are approaching my car and if they even seem like they are gonna act a fool, I just politely tell them that I cant take them because of their behavior and I cancel the ride and I state why I cancelled them.
And if that is not an option for you, do airport rides instead. :wink::wink::+1::+1::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

(Michaela Biksacky) #35

You know what… that just makes what happened to me not seem so bad. It got on you??? Omg!!! I’m so so so sorry. How are you holding up?

(Brendan Halai) #36

After all that cleaning I did last night left my windows open woke up this morning to rain LOL my life is great Left the windows to drive for the night but then it rained so I just put the windows up and turn on my car heater I’m going to leave it on for about 30 minutes and then drive

(William Murphy) #37

Hell… They didnt tip when he threw up… He definitely not gone tip bringing a license back… She’s better off taking it to the dmv

(Graham Sandy) #38

Brings bk very bad memories from 2 yrs ago…smh. Been there, done that, and mine was waaaay worse! I feel your pain. :confused::pensive:

(Mathew Boolean) #39

Planning on ordering seat covers on Amazon like several posts suggested above. Covering your seats makes a lot of sense even for your friends & family afterwards. Also if something like this happens, you simply take a pic, remove the covers, and keep it moving :blush:.

(Trish Richardson) #40

I hate that happened to you. I hope you are able to make your rent. If you should need assistance try calling united way 211 they should be able to help direct you to non profit organizations that help people during hard times, if they have the funds available. I wish you the best: