I'm hoping someone can help me out


(Abdul Karim) #1

I’m hoping someone can help me out. I’m a Lyft driver. I had a passenger who intended to go to one destination but she wanted me to stop at Walmart. I’m currently waiting in the parking lot. Do I need to do anything on my app? Or does Lyft automatically Telly the time that I’m waiting?

(Snyder Reed) #2

You’re getting around 10 cents per minute to wait. It will calculate automatically. I give them 5 minutes then they need to request a ride again.

(Hassan) #3

U could cancel but if u stay in area you will get the request again anyways…

(Laura Lee) #4

That’s o.k. because then you get at lest 2 minimum fares instead of minimum fare plus 10 cents / minute.

(Abel) #5

They will calculate the time. Usually I ask how long they are going to be. A Walmart trip would be one where I would finish the ride and let them re request a new ride. Lol

(Chris Stipe) #6

Omg. Never do that. We don’t get paid. Only UberBlack get waiting time paid

(Marsha_Smith) #7

Thanks everyone. She only took 5 min. She’s a college student who needed to buy a cd player for a project. Poor kid was freaking out because she needed it for a test at 7am. Her phone was dead, so she wouldn’t have been able to request a new ride, and I wasn’t going to leave her stranded.

(Jeremy Mwan) #8

Although I am trying to earn extra money, sometimes it’s not all about the money. I’m 44 and mom of 3 kids (23,22,11)…these young’uns are mine until I get them home safely. I’d want any other driver to help my kids too.

(Cody Parker) #9

Had to do smtg similar only mine had to stop at target cause her friends kept on changing the meeting place and my final destination apparently… she wrote one of the nicest comments ever and gave me $5 tip but still she was a student… it’s not always about the money …

(Brahim Decker) #10

Kind of you. As long as you realize you’re waiting for < min wage & you’re okay with that cool.

As for the dead phone, get a couple chargers.

(Garrent George) #11

Sometimes humanity comes before your own income. Bless you darlin

(Christian Odom) #12

maybe you missed it…my specific question was do I need to do anything on the app well I was waiting for my passenger. I wasn’t sure if lyft kept track of all that or if I needed to do something different on the app

(Lisa Markee) #13

find out what your per minute rate is. Here in Portland it’s $0.20 per minute.

(Jack Dolen) #14

Notice how when you help people with extremely serious personal issues, you get paid the same

(Mark Moore) #15

Why is the ones that make you wait seem to always have a battery that died… Hmmm

(Kelly Hector) #16

I may sound like a horrible person but everyone has a reason why they cannot request another ride. If she is at Walmart, she can buy another charger and charge her phone. Also, if you are leaving your house, it is your responsibility to know that your phone is charged. Lastly, I am not in this for charity, I am in this to make money. Yes, I will accommodate a request here and there but I passengers will use your kindness against you.

(Bector Ernest) #17

You made her day! I say good for you! I would of done the same. U never know when you’ll be in need and someone is kind to u in return.

(Melinda Foster) #18

I don’t mind waiting a few, but more than 10 minutes…I end trip and move on.

(Jonathan Green) #19

If I you get pings like uber where you aren’t finished with the current I’d let then know if you get a request, you’re gone.

(Peter Nelson) #20

Drive around the parking lot some to make more. You should discuss it with your passenger before you got there. Telling how long you’re willing to wait. You know the address you’re going to be taking him back to so you know the distance of your next ride decide if you want it or take a chance of getting another