I'm hoping someone can help me out


(Harold Young) #21

either you are driving for lyft or uber in that right moment… turn on the other app, if you are pinged in that other app… moment to cancel the first rider.

(Dennis Scott) #22

Ill wait because sometimes helping someone can go a long way i got 50 tip for helping to Wait for 15 minutes

(Allicia Lopez) #23

I have an elderly man I give a ride to the VFW every Monday. He stops at the bank and Starbucks on the way, quick stops he is one of my favorite customers.

(Jerry Hall) #24

I waited once for 30 mins with an old lady for some business to open. She was very nice, it was during a slow time of the day, on a slow day. Got paid $0.20 a minute for sitting on my ass and play games on my phone. And then she left me a $6 tip. Kindness goes a long way.

(Timothy Clark) #25

$.20 per minute? Los Angeles $.12 per minute and then take away 20%

(Harris Frank) #26

I don’t mind waiting but one time the guy stopped at the local convenient store said wanted to get booze before 2am waited 5 minutes people were coming out and leaving, didn’t feel safe in that neighborhood so I ended the ride.