I'm going to get a lot of backlash on here but I'm ready for it

I have worked for over 20 years (just made myself feel old), in retail aka customer service industry, and service industry for many of the jobs I have held. During that time frame I have learned a few things.

  1. Unless somewhere on the receipt of my transaction with a customer states: Tip _________ ; my customers are not required to give me a tip for my service. Also, I should never make my customer feel obligated to give me said tip. If a customer wants to be extra generous and go out of their way to tip me awesome bonus, I don’t do my job driving someone with the expectations of getting one, neither should anyone else.

  2. This is a customer service job with human interactions involved. Don’t assume anything about your passenger, knowing or not knowing something. Uber lately has had glitches regularly lately. Don’t assume that since you are outside waiting for your ride they know where exactly you are, call or text and wait. If your bitchy/moody at the start of your shift stay home. Stop thinking you are the best and realize we are all human. Not everyone will be happy. Just have fun and enjoy meeting new people out there.

Well said! I too have over 20 years in customer service. Most see it as butt kissing Uber, I see it as knowing how to work customer service

What I don’t understand (and I’ve seen multiple people in this group say this…) is rating riders 4 stars instead of 5 simply because they didn’t tip! That’s nuts to me! A tip is and always has been to be an act of generosity and NOT required. Also in the restaurant industry it happens to be common that people will tip but Uber discourages it by not allowing a tip option on the app and everyone (including myself when I signed up) is under the impression you just “don’t have to tip with uber”. This is obviously clear since so many people complain about no tips. People don’t know they’re “supposed” to and are under the impression we make more than we do. So if that’s the case, why tarnish someone’s rating for something they didn’t know??

Tell me something have u ever ate at a restaurant and not tipped ur waiter of waitress?

Because Uber was created with the notion that you don’t have to tip your drivers… I’m not saying people shouldn’t, I’m saying people don’t know they’re “supposed to”. Tell me something… do more than 50% hell even 30% of your riders tip you? I don’t think so… and that’s because they don’t know they’re allowed or supposed to.

So 99% of people in this forum don’t get tipped that often but somehow I’m supposed to believe YOU get tipped over 50% of the time? Please.

No I don’t need tip advice from you cuz you’re a liar. Andddddd blocked.

not everyone is carrying cash anymore. And I have actually had people say they wanted to tip but couldn’t because they had no cash or no small bills. I think that’s a huge part of it and that’s uber’ fault

I have change, even for a $100. 95+% of the time. I carry a Square c.c. reader, I take Venmo and Paypal, and 2 signs letting them know a tip isn’t included, and that we rate them too. I know get tipped around 50% of the time, when not driving shameless, entitled college students.

Well it’s a free country, a 5 star rating is and aways been the drivers act of kindness for passenger who tip and it surely isn’t required . So if you don’t tip and I’m as a driver not required to give you my generosity In the form of a 5 star .

People know , their are signs and tip box every where . It’s on the news on social media , unless you live under a rock .

Sit down, shut up. Your clever little “if it isn’t on the receipt… blah blah blah” is so irrelevant that the rest of what you wrote isn’t worth my time. Get on somewhere and cry yourself to sleep over it.

I think what she means by that is that when it’s on a receipt it’s COMMON KNOWLEDGE to leave a tip, but other types of services without that it’s up to the consumer’s discretion and let’s face it… most consumers are cheap and only tip when someone goes above and beyond.

They encourage you to tip on Lyft and most don’t. That is essentially the same thing as putting a line on the receipt. Explain that.

Wtf sarah u just delete ur shit like that lol. Guess u didn’t need tip 101 lessons

I’ve had 3.5 years in retail and that’s all I need to agree with you. Customer services is the biggest part of it all.
Uber is a blessing retail was a nightmare and it would take a lot for me to stop driving for uber.

Nope I haven’t. I only drive Friday and Saturday nights and I’m in a small town so I’m not interested. But thanks anyway

She’s probably so bitter because the rates have been slashed from over $2. A mile to under $1. To do the same job with corporate so clueless that they find a way to LOSE mega billions a quarter. Ubers valuation is likely to drop like a rock, and possibly go bust at this rate.

I moved from Baltimore to a small town. In this town I get no less than $3/ mile and in Baltimore it’s more than that
There are bigger cities than Baltimore and I would assume they make even more. People in California are working 30 hours a week and making 2k

who the hell I’m California working 30hrs and making 2k a week? Cmon don’t just speak to speak girlfriend. If i hear something like that i get my calculator punch in numbers and find out real quick their full of shit. U seriously don’t need to be a genius to do that .

You know why tipping got so ingrained into our society? Because those that were tipped were EMPLOYEES like waiters gasp who ARE being paid less than minimum wage because of a loophole in the system.

We are not being paid minimum wage since we are contractors. The term does not apply to us.

People won’t tip because they don’t want to. It doesn’t matter if the tip option is in the app, they have cash, you have a card reader, or a tip box. They gave you an excuse. Learn to understand you are being given an excuse. You trying to force the issue only makes you an asshole.