I'm going to get a lot of backlash on here but I'm ready for it


(Harold Young) #21

No they are the assholes for not tipping and then lying about why. Cabbies, bellman, concierge, barbers, hairdressers ,porters doorman ,valet, pizza delivery and many more all get tips. All make more than minimum wage

(Dennis Scott) #22

“Don’t assume that…they know where exactly you are, call or text…” Even better I wait all day and then search the area for my passengers. Upon locating them, I grab and hold their hands to walk over to my car, and open the door for them. Passengers till this day still have no clue how the app works and don’t know how to read a map. That’s why I go out of my way, above and beyond to help them.

(Allicia Lopez) #23

I agree with you except the tip part, certain industries people are usually tipped, cabs, waitress doorman, skycap etc. for the most part, my tippers are people who have once in there life done that. Me being self employed for 45 years owning a commercial sign co for 45 years, I rarely got tipped, but I always tipped hard working service people. I’m semi disabled with a pretty destroyed left foot, yet I lift suit cases, carry bags and help disabled people. I don’t really demand tips but I think anyone with any class would tip, it’s just the decent thing to do. But do I keep ,y tips, not all of it, most of it goes to feed homeless people. It’s karma help those who are worse off than you.

(Jerry Hall) #24

Fuck that. This isn’t an Uber/Lease vehicle I’m driving. I bought my car. If they don’t show me any respect while I’m driving them around they can kindly make like an egg and beat it. I’ve been working in customer service and call centers long enough to understand that respect is not handed out but given. They’ll be fine.

UPDATE: I do agree about the tipping part. Now that I understand. Everything else, hell no!

(Timothy Clark) #25

Felicia Rejniak, using your logic in #1, how would you respond to a Lyft passenger who doesn’t tip?

(Harris Frank) #26

This is so dumb! Tipping ok. But the second part about babysitting pax. HAHAH! GTFOH.

(Eric Moore) #27

I take it in those 20 years you’ve never taken a cab, an Uber, ate at a diner, tipped an usher, tipped at the carwash, or at a sporting event/concert? Damn you’re cheap!

(Jill Aron) #28

Never taken a uber, I have a perfectly running car, and don’t drink. So haven’t had the need yet. Never had the use of an usher in any event, car wash has been automated. Only time in your defense is food. And yes I tip. But breaking down they claim their tips and yes under minimum wage. Here at least for me I make over 20 an hour when I’m on the clock with uber so above minimum wage. Also I am spoiled that maintenence on my car which I’m ocd about is at a very nice discount rate since I work in a shop. So I count my cost as regular service as if I was driving my friends around. So for me and this is me I don’t expect a tip. If I get one sweet bonus. But not reliant on it. Bad weeks I work 10 to 15 hours and even after uber fees and paying back gas for the fleet card I still walk away with 300 in my bank account. Last week I made 822 for 40.18 hours after all said and done. With my regular job. It’s a side job I don’t rely to live on. But some do and that’s fine. Also this is a forum for all to voice their thoughts and I just brought a discussion to make people think. Hmmm that’s all. Otherwise shawn I hope you are blessed with the holidays and your travels with uber or lyft.

(Jose Hernandez) #29

Remember to all people who have to interact with other people in the course of their job who do not share the same employer, customers can and will be the worst of the worst or the best of the best. i drive a semi for my day job and it is the same with other drivers, you are not seen or respected or thanked and respected.

(Anderson Lee) #30

Directly trust my minimum wage job with your health or safety, better tip me mofo!

(Kenneth Miller) #31

Who says passengers are entitled to 5-stars? To me, if they’re generous with their tips, I’m generous with stars. It’s a 2 way street.

(Paul Garcia) #32

The problem is uber tells passengers that tips are included! Were some of drivers like me are under paid/ evaluated by the company. People here in my area keep on asking the word can i tip you? . Or some generous folks will say" take this i promise i wont tell uber.".Then taking the tip is more humiliating especially if you just intend to have conversation or make them happy by getting some bottle water, mint and using charger. The note keep them aware we are not being tip by the company and so i wont feel the shame when somebody just drop some dime and never saying those things if they can tip you or i wont tell uber take this. If you earn good in your area not like me waiting for 2 hours,wasting my data no request, then don’t complain were some are being rewarded.

(David Smith) #33

I agree - the problem is Uber not pax. They have been programmed not to tip at our expense. Uber is to blame. I have a sign that says Tips Appreciated for excellent service but not expected.

(Audrina Jameson) #34

I don’t drive expecting tips. But I enjoy tips and I’m a Lyft driver haven’t drove long at all. I see the complaints but I don’t understand if you are unhappy stop driving. That’s what I would do and have always done. I’m not trying to argue either.

I just don’t understand…

Why continue working if you feel like you are slaving?

(Peter Dave) #35

You’ll understand better after you’ve driven 2000 trips or so. The pay sucks, people pay a low price, so something’s gotta give -this is where the expectation of tipping comes from. Sure quitting is easy, but finding a new job isn’t.

(Mitchel) #36

I like the second one but not the first one. A large chunk of the reason we suggest tipping to our pax is to inform them of the lies Uber told them and the lawsuit that settled last April as a result of that lie, and because the Uber app does not have the tipping feature you suggest, while Lyft does have it. Drivers and pax have both been bugging Uber to add that feature but until they do, that lawsuit settlement does allow drivers to post signs in their cars. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

(Haris_McMan) #37

For the record, the lawsuit has not been settled yet, but tipping signs being allowed came out of the agreements reached, pending settling the lawsuit. Tips have become more of a issue since Uber keeps lowering the fares. Something newbie/trolls are not aware of when they spout off about tipping not required.

(Amanda Halen) #38

It’s funny…when I was a passenger, I remember once telling my wife “No need to tip honey, it’s ALL included in the price. Have a nice day sir.” Now as a driver, I think back to that one memorable ride and cringe. So much regret. It’s all a matter of perspective. In fact, it’s changed how I tip across ALL service industries.

(Maurice Nixon) #39

Like you, Felicia, I have nearly 20 years on retail customer service, including 3 years owning my own store and over 25 years as a paralegal working with clients. Customer service boils down to “them” not “me”. Some people thrive in that environment, some don’t. For those who do, a tip can mean as much as a compliment or even a badge. For those who don’t, they will always feel slighted and unappreciated. Tips can’t change that. And tips will not be nearly as plentiful in an atmosphere of negativity, of “me” as they are in an atmosphere of positivity, of. “them”.