I'm getting serrrriously pissed off with Uber doing numerous background checks

Uber has done numerous background checks on me almost every month since I started driving in October, and it has NEVER affected me driving. Suddenly, I have not gotten one…single… Trip since this past Thursday, September 6th. I’ve called and texted over and over and they keep saying I cannot drive due to the background check which takes 7-10 days. In the meantime I have lost about 300 dollars of earnings, not being able to drive.
Has this happened to anyone else? What was your outcome, cause they BETTER compensate me for this BS

Uber has done numerous background checks on you almost “every” month. Somethings wrong with you.

Um, yea, no, nothing wrong with me, my driving ree record is so squeaky clean you could eat off it. Like I said, even tho they’ve done all these background checks in the past, it never harboured me from driving. Now all of a sudden, after 11 months of driving, suddenly I can’t drive until this passes.

Wow what now?! I’m lying, dramatic and an attention seeker?! You don’t even know me asshole! I put this status up asking if anyone has gone through this, not looking for attention you piece of shit. Didn’t your mommy tell you if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything? You are ibviiuslybthe dramatic attention seeker and you’re the one who needs to get a life, loser

Happen to a friend of mine didn’t realized he had a red light ticket and another ticket on his license that someone used his name they only deactivate u if something is on there hope this helps u

When it happened to me i was permanently deactivated. They never told me why just told me it was my dmv. Didnt have more than 3 tickets, no major issues. Fighting with them and Chekr became too much. I just gave up and continued driving Lyft.

See that’s the problem, I have ZERO tickets, zero accidents, zero everything. My driving record is impeccable… I’m sorry that happened to you, I wish something could be done

I mean they probably run one every year but they have never even temporarily deactivated me but there’s nothing in my background anyway

They have new standards and many drivers on the platform for 3 years, etc, have been waitlisted, then rejected. Most who’s backgrounds have not changed.

Same here. This is why it irks me to see drivers stick up for Uber. They are actually breaking state background check laws. In PA, they require 7 years back for most non-violent or non-sexual crimes for PUC (Taxi, Limo) requirements. But, they are once again making their own rules. They are scum. No regard for laws. Never did, never will.

Yeah that’s how it was back in New Hampshire where I used to live, after 7 years everything got expunged… Not that I have anything on my record of course, like I said my record is freaking impeccable

You better believe I’m going to fight to the death for this. And I’ll keep you all posted but I will be getting compensated for this

They have me 100 when a rider complained against me. Lost a few days driving g and they compensated me for that so u don’t see a problem. I’ll let ya know

This is why it bothers me so much when I see drivers stick up for Uber. The started out breaking laws and the continue to break laws with no regard for the law whatsoever. There are thieves, and then when they get caught, they only pay back a fraction of what they stole. Evil geniuses.

the funny thing is Uber is the only one… what you fail to realize is Lyft is doing the same thing they are getting sued left and right as well and they also went back 7 years on your initial background check

Oh, I know very well. Uber committed crimes on top of crimes. New drivers think Lyft is the “good guy” because Uber paved the way. They’re trying to make it seem like they are the company that cares about drivers. Lol

They use Sterling for years… either way both companies only went back 7 years on your initial check and now since January 2018 they pass the law they have to go back the entire adult history lots of people got deactivated

What a bunch of BS! So you’re trying to tell me that hypothetically the lipstick I stole when I was 12 years old is going to Harbor me from driving for Uber???

I used to live in New Hampshire for like 20 years and everything gets expunged after 7 years so I don’t understand what’s going on. I finally got the email from checker and everything says clear but I still can’t drive yet. So I got to give them a call in in a little bit

16 years ago I wrote a check for $27.00 to Walmart in Missouri then moved to California and closed the account thinking all the checks had had time to clear. The one to Walmart bounced and until 3 weeks ago, I had no knowledge of it. Apparently, I have had an open warrant i Pulaski County Missouri for 16 years due to an error in my banking… Long story short, this clearly makes me a dangerous driver as I am currently blocked from the platform. 2 years, 5,000+ rides, 4.96 rating and I can’t drive because of a 16 year old error. I called the County and paid the $67.00 so we will see what Uber decides to do. Proof positive that Uber does not care about drivers. Someone could be available that I could talk to to rectify this. I’m extremely frustrated.