Im curious, how many of you dont provide anything other than maybe a charger and still get 5 stars all the time?

Not to be a dick, but when other drivers are going above and beyond while still providing a safe ride, and pax get in your car and it’s bare, don’t be surprised if you get a no tip or a little one. I like turning $2s into $5s, $5s into $10s and so on. I’m not sure why every driver doesn’t provide the negligible one time cost of around $20 to provide all three device type chargers. Pax phones are always dying, it takes little effort and WILL lead to strong ratings and better tips. And you’re not “giving” them anything other than a charge. If you’re worried about drivers picking up kids and unaccompanied minors and pax getting pissed at your for not doing so because “but my last driver did it,” these pax are thinking the same thing when you don’t have chargers or some mini waters like their last driver. And Jesus if you’re worried about chargers getting stolen, use your head and rig them up in a way in which they can’t be stolen.

I’m a Uber driver and my main objective is to provide a safe ride to any passenger destination. I do have chargers but that’s it…I believe having a wonderful attitude and provide information about our city is more important…but I totally respect your belief and having all those kind of stuff in your car…In my personal opinion passengers don’t deserve that kind of extra effort beacuse I’ve seen people like you struggling for tips :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to do something, do a top notch job - we are in customer service, little things can make a difference. Additionally, you have to be a real dick to give a bad rating to a guy who just offered you chargers, Waters and candy. Tips are never guaranteed, I did zero in tips in 8 uber rides last night, took a couple pools and some Asians (not racist, it’s just not a traditional thing to do in their culture), plus one stripper, and we all know how that goes. But I’m going to continue to be habitual. My rating in Lyft has been 5.0 for the last three months and in uber it’s never been below 4.93, and 4.96 or better the last three months, even with the two gamers who just wanted a free ride on their long ride surges. None of us can avoid those. But yeah do whatever makes you happy. That’s the cool thing about this, we are not forced to do anything with amenities.

for me the only people who have asked or demanded water or snacks are the ones are taking the shortest cheapest rides already. Either that or they have more money to spend and I do. We do not make enough money the feed and support our passengers also

That’s all I do. With exception of two times I gotten a 5 in over 150 rides For sure! Normally I shoot for good convo and offer a charger. Learn a lot from you vets though !

I think the trick is your people skills. You dont need extra stuff if you treat them good and talk a bit. Seeing that I have man hands, the handjob would probably damage my rating. I’m sure my butthole is much softer.

I don’t provide shit but a ride and a conversation only people I’ll treat like a VIP is a select. And I still get 5 stars and tips

I offer nothing but a nice face, interesting conversation if you initiate, and a charger if you request it.
4.92 Uber
4.87 Lyft

I only have a charger for my phone nothing else And get 5 Stars, only one 1 star but they were just plain asses

a lot of drivers have some sort of tip sign. I’m sure it helps people that don’t know we can accept tips! And it’s damn sure a reminder that I want a tip.

for what its worth this is my experience with receiving tips. There are people that tip, and those that don’t. Those that do tip, will tip you regardless. I’m just friendly, and make sure they are comfortable.

I offer a charger because I have it in the car for myself, but besides that they get a safe ride and great conversations. It’s all about personalities.

I just give them conversations and still get tipped. :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Although, I will say most of my tips are when they ask about my son. Also, how I work my 7a-4p shift at SMA and still get up at 3am to work Uber before and work 2 more hours after work. :woman_shrugging:t4::woman_shrugging:t4::woman_shrugging:t4:

Don’t forget the smile and wave part too! :joy:

Yeah engage with something emotionally moving, that’s how we connect with people. And if you don’t want to provide anything extra, that’s fine - the top two most important things IMO are warm smile/greeting and a clean car.

How is it easy? I don’t know, I am just me. I am always laughing with them talking about I’m hungry but want to lose 50 lbs! Meanwhile, I was on my way to Dunkin Donuts. LOL!!

Is easy beacuse you already have a beautiful smile👏 and you are a hard worker … everybody recognizes that🤷🏻‍♂️

no it doesn’t. While you make eye contact give them a smile and put your hand up. When they get in and you ask how they’re doing that’s when you should be able to pick up their vibe. If they rude I don’t talk to them! I’ll take the star rating hit. :unamused: lol

good thing I haven’t had anyone jump out then, huh?! Nice part about is my tips are never under $5 and I get tipped with almost ALL my rides. :kissing_closed_eyes:

Temporarily struggling and I refuse to get a payday loan or ask family for money. A temporary sacrifice. I try to work the entire weekdays so on my weekends it’s just my bookie and I. :blush: sometimes it doesn’t work that way so I work from 4a-12p on the weekends and spend the afternoons with him

I always keep tiny water bottles in my doors and chargers for pax ,the water cost me $5 a week maybe so why not have water for pax I mean were in the desert lol