If you're spending money on passenger perks like water, snacks and gum you're only helping Uber

It gets you no points with Uber, no addl income, no credits toward Heaven (imho). Since pax can’t request specific drivers and almost no Uber riders tip there’s no rationale for reducing income to impress riders. Save your money! Just be kind, respectful, professional to the degree you feel appropriate for 60¢/mile

Ill flip this on you. If you can’t afford 4 dollars a month to give your pax some water then you shouldn’t be doing this in the first place. This is the customer service industry. Provide customer service.

One pack of water for 3.99 lasts me the entire month, and I drive full time. Stop being cheap and provide people with some water.

I also provide gum and mints and that was even cheaper at 2 dollars.

I make between 4k and 6k a month ridesharing. I think I can afford 5 dollars a month… Jesus.

You failed to address his points. It provides you no benefit other than a warm and fuzzy.

The point is its a customer service industry. Provide customer service.

I did address it I said this up top.

And before you bother, I smile, engage in conversation if desired, provide wifi (which costs me absolutely nothing) and phone chargers (virtually non existent cost) as well as let them pick their music on SIRIUSXM which I pay for anyway. There’s ways to provide “perks” that don’t just create trash in your car.

I used to provide candy, gum, and water. No one says thank you. I end up with candy wrappers & gum wrappers not only in my candy bucket but also all over my car. Once I got this old fart with his HUGE fricken man hands pawing through the ENTIRE bucket saying (with his big mouth so FULL he could hardly talk) this is the worse bucket of candy I’ve ever seen! I said, really?..did your last ride have a bucket of candy, a bottle of water for you, and a charging cord to charge your phone? He said, no. I said, then I guess my worse bucket of candy you ever saw isn’t really all that bad. I don’t provide that anymore. If my kids want a drink of water, they can wait till we get there. Same goes for the pax, too, they won’t die of thirst before we get there. Btw…a case of water lasts less than ONE DAY for me. They’ll take the water, one sip & they leave it in the car. Never. Again.

I used to carry water but most of the time the passengers had their own. I still have some for longer runs but don’t offer for anything less then 45 min. I also have gum for airport runs in case they forgot to get it.

I dont provide a bucket of candy lol. Just water lol. Gum is that sectioned off aluminium foil shit.

So no trash. To each their own I guess lol. 1 day with the waters? Where the Hell do you live? Death valley? How does 36 waters last one day… Lol

I keep them in my doors. So maybe they dont see them? But I do have a sign that says free water. :thinking: how does your water NOT last a month

It doesnt make me “feel good” I don’t give a shit about them honestly. It just leads to more tips. 1 tip pays for the water itself. And yes, I’ve driven my car for months with water and no water and my tips and rating went up. So I provide the extra nickel of cost

Really drivers you getting a low payment and you still provide​ snack and water to riders? I don’t go with it :star2:

It amazes me that there are so many people that want to criticize and tell others how to run their business.

It’s my business, I’ll buy snacks and water for my pax if I want to, you don’t have to but until you make my car payment please kindly STFU…

It’s not Ubers bull shit I worry about, it’s narrow minded idiots like you that think they have all the answers. It’s my business, you choose to be a follower then that’s your business…

Do you set your own rates?
Do you control advertising?
What’s your brand?
Do you have a book of business?


Get real dude. You think you’re an entrepreneur but youre just an employee with no rights.

Owners of a franchise have very limited rights, as a franchise owner you must follow rules, Uber is my brand, Uber does the the advertising, I pay a franchise fee so I can benefit from their access to funds.

I’m not hurt at all, I’ve just always wondered if someone is so miserable doing something that they feel they need to bash everyone else that does it, why do they continue to do it? You’re not forced, you’re not obligated, but you sure act entitled.

The only time I ever gave candy I got a $5 tip. Maybe people just don’t like some of you

I live in Phoenix and it is really fn hot. I provide water for my customers to create a good riding experience. The people who drink the waters are not the people who tip. In-fact it is the opposite, but what matters is that I created a good riding experience and my rating is always at a 4.9. Customer service is what makes you a better driver. Read this article for other customer service tips

These people are too cheap to tip. No matter what you do or what you give then. But I did receive a 100 bill last week on a 5.00 fare. First time for everything

To each their own. I’m not going to knock what you do or don’t provide. I provide safe transportation from point A to B and sonetimes C. Good convo and laughs. Thats it, thats all. If they want water and snack, I can stop at 7/11 for them. That what works for me. Period!!!