If you do not like the terms Uber or Lyft set, find something else to do

Since I keep seeing people complain about how badly Lyft and Uber are treating them…

No one is treating anyone anyway.

These companies do not belong to you.
You do not make the rules. You agreed to the terms when you signed up.
Deal with it or move on to something else.
These companies are worldwide. If you managed to get 50,000 drivers together to “strike” you’re not going to change anything.
Why? Because 200,000 more drivers are willing to drive under the current conditions.
You’re not entitled to anything. These companies are offering you a certain amount of money per mile and minute to take people to wherever they want to go.
That’s all there is to it. That is all they have to offer you.
If you want more, make yourself more valuable with an in demand skill.

And yes, I am a driver.

I thought their rules were BS. Now I work for rover, making much more than these pussy ass ride share bs. And I’m also done with bird and lime fuck em since they love fucking me! :roll_eyes:

funny thing is when I was a kid I got my 1st job at a car wash…I hated it, know what I did, I found another job. Shows me that a 14 year old kid has more brains then most of these complainers

Ok rookie…I have been doing it longer than you and an better at it…and what YOU DON’T KNOW is that this is NOT what we signed for!! But YOU are to new to know this

It’s not that I just hate it when people say this is what you signed up for. Cuz its NOT… one day couple years ago they locked everybody out of the apps and pretty much made you agree to " new terms" or you could not use the app anymore!! But rookies dont know that

as soon as you agreed…yep. try taking some personal responsibility. To be honest you are a huge hypocrite. You will be the 1st to say how good you are and how much money you make the in the same breath trash the company that gives you that opportunity

No one is making you drive.
I want more money so I started my own business. Now I barely drive. It’s not that difficult.
Want something better? Make better choices.

I have more experience than you at this. If you don’t like it that’s your problem when. I correct what you say don’t get butthurt learn from it

I run the biggest las vegas group on facebook, dumbass.
That’s not my business. I have a fabrication shop and a store.

Funny Mike I put up fact 1 and you ignoring it…that shows me your intelligence…he’s showed me his already with his claim to run the biggest group in Vegas you two deserve each other

Turning off notifications for this post now …talk to your self’s see you on the next one rookies!! Of wow you have a Facebook page I’m so impressed. A real key board warrior like your buddy bye bye rookies

No. They want you to drive customers to their destination in exchange for money.
They don’t care if you put 10 miles or a million miles on your car.
If you don’t drive, someone else will.
It’s simple business.
No one is holding a gun to your head making you drive.

Convinced a bunch of lazy ass people they DESERVE free money. Wrong. Work your ass off like the developers of Uber and the app. Put in long hours, ideas that failed… And finally one stuck! Struggle and put yourself up for the risk to gain the reward.

People don’t realize how much goes into starting a business.
I’ve started 2 businesses and have run a few others.
I can’t even imagine trying to get a worldwide app network setup like lyft and uber.
The funding, and coding, and marketing just boggles the mind.
I don’t agree with every choice they have made, but it’s theirs to make.
I would like to see higher rates because the market can absolutely bear it, but it’s not my company.
They told me what the rates are. I said ok and chose to drive.

I have a full time career that I worked hard to achieve… Nobody handed me anything. People that come here expecting big homes and 100k a yr for driving around picking ppl up and dropping them off kill me! These complainers are also the same jerks that are proud of how they treat people poorly… Sad to say, that’s not how you get anywhere in this life… And yes, developers and entrepreneurs sacrafice So much to create these companies and to employee people… This is a capitalist country… If you don’t like it, create a competing app… Or sit the fuk down and accept the terms. I drive to save money for a home… A home I’m not entitled to… I home I’m working hard to EARN.

In the beginning, the original drivers on the platform who paved the way and built up the business had a professional outlook on driving rideshare and did not sign up for the same terms and conditions as the new drivers. When Uber suddenly slashed the rates, there were Black Car drivers and fleet drivers who lost their livelihoods, sued and won. They didn’t recover nearly what they lost. Striking won’t change anything. But, it doesn’t change the fact that Uber is a lying, thieving, sinister company. Flash news, you can love rideshare, and still hate the thieves at the same time. Don’t forget to count the lawsuits they’ve lost for their fraudulent business practices. Let’s not give them a free pass for fucking the people who built their business.

I guess in the 1900s when children, women, and men were being maimed and injured in poor working conditions I guess we should have told them to go work some place else. They don’t own the company.

The point is we live in a age where we have the freedom and the right to speak up for any and all injustices. I’m quite aware that it doesn’t approach anywhere near the atrocities of that age. The principle is the same. Can you imagine how people back then would have also tied to encourage others not to say anything for fear of retribution? For fear they may lose their job and have less than before? Let the people stand up if they choose to protest and let’s not be among the naysayers and the conoscenti.

I would disagree with that to the point of many drivers fear being deactivated. There has also been numerous accounts of people missing ride payouts on their statements. One could say it is a glitch. One could also say that if they erase millions of rides by eliminating one payout across the country, that could translate to many millions of dollars.

I love your passion, but you’re wrong. Both companies sell the job as a product and we buy it. In that, some advertisement created by the company states drivers should make an average of $20/hour. Anything below minimum wage is not really acceptable considering what we are doing and are risking. The companies are making a killing on our liabilities. So, sorry buddy, but you’re wrong on this one. It is totally acceptable to negotiate instead of bending over and taking it up the ass.