"If you could move out of the country, where would you go"?

I had pax last night, he asked me “if I could move out of the country, where would I go”? I said Australia. He was shocked by my answer. I suppose he thought I was going to say Africa. Heck naw. I wouldn’t wanna live in any country where the ppl fleeing to the USA. China, Africa, India, etc. How many Australians have you met in Atlanta? Only some that were visiting, I’m sure. Heck, I wanna live somewhere, where the ppl love their country and a bunch of em ain’t fleeing to the USA fa a “better” life. :woman_shrugging:t6::woman_shrugging:t6::woman_shrugging:t6::woman_shrugging:t6::raised_hands:t6::raised_hands:t6::raised_hands:t6::raised_hands:t6:

Lol there are plenty of Australians living in the US. I’ve done business with a lawyer in Tucker who’s black and from Australia.

I do not think a person could escape that. Besides, how long have we dealt with race in the US?? Racism is a cancer that is gonna take tones of treatment before it will die. Racism is everywhere and I read the worst place is Europe.

Y’all need to check out Blackfulla Revolution, it’s a fb page. Read up on race relations and the tell me how living in Australia as a black person is better. And before any one tells me it’s different/better etc, let me tell you that it’s not, and don’t think that being from America would make it better for you. For one, you’re black, second your American… Americans are necessarily liked overseas. Oh and another thing, my mother is Australian and that gives me some insight into this particular topic

Australia is very racist…
They’re far behind, where we have come in terms of racial animus. They treat their native Australians like 4th class citizens and many of them would gladly flee if they had the opportunity to do it.
Currently, their anti-immigrant stance is worse there, in terms of their rightwing bigots. I would not encourage people of color to migrate to Australia. Their native people of color are forced to live in shanty towns.

Australians coined, and lived out the expression “the only good Aborigine (the original Blackfellas of Australia) is a dead Aborigine,” and Europeans literally killed every original Tanzanian through genocide.

Keyword “economy”. That’s what drives this country. The richer getting richer, while keeping the poor, poorer. This is not a country, this is a business.

I have African friends that can’t wait to get back home. They love there country. From what I understand Africa is a awesome place. They show you the negative things on Tv and not the positive. Plus there are good and bad city’s everywhere. When people focus on the negative it out ways the positive.

I’m not saying that Africa isn’t beautiful. I’ve seen the nice parts on tv. However, they’re at continuos war in Africa and a lot of Africans are not fond of us.

I actually had a lyft line one night. First two pax were white girls. Next two pax were African women. They were speaking English the entire ride until I dropped the white women off. All of sudden, they start speaking their language to each other. So of course I can only imagine they were talking and laughing about me. What other reason would they not speak English if clearly they could. Maybe they didn’t want me in on the conversation, but they were speaking English with the white women. :woman_shrugging:t6::woman_shrugging:t6::woman_shrugging:t6::woman_shrugging:t6:

what did I say about Africa? All I said was a lot of them come to the US and I haven’t seen a lot of Australians here. But know I’ve never gone to Africa but I’ve seen pictures of the nice parts. I dated a guy who was Somalian once. He wanted to take me but I was young and thinking crazy like he would leave me there or some.

Africa is a HUGE ass continent so it’s impossible to say “there are continuous wars in Africa.” I can point you to a shit load of Gambians here but ask me to show you one Egyptian it would be like me looking for this a Australian you speak of. Ask me to show you a Tanzanian… Same thing. You can’t say you wouldn’t move to Africa because people are “fleeing” when that’s not the case for every country in Africa. I hope you didn’t think that Africa was just one big country :weary::weary:

no I didn’t but more ppl come here from Africa than Australia. Everybody who is here is not because they are fleeing but some are. I know how big it is and I know some parts are nice and I also know that they are CONSTANTLY AT WAR IN AFRICA IN SOME PARTS.

Simple mathematics Africa is 3 times the size of Australia and has WAY more people so of course there would be more Africans. Australia is one of the least most populated continents so it makes sense that you wouldn’t meet lots of them here.

You can’t say they are always at war somewhere in Africa without saying the USA isn’t always at war somewhere in the last 20 years. You just don’t see it. Australians look like white folks so of course you wouldn’t be able to tell and not all of them talk and sound like the crocodile hunter

Africa is the largest continent in the world with 54 countries. Why for the life of me do people continue to see this continent as a monolith? Heck, people don’t see Europe, a smaller continent, with 50 countries as a monolith. Yet there are some seriously struggling countries in Europe. Many of which is always at war.

Take for example the country of Gabon, in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is slightly larger than the UK. They have a higher literacy rate than we do here in the USA.

All their citizens speak multiple languages. The gov guarantees free education from pre-K all through college. All the residents are also guaranteed free healthcare. These are things, the USA is still fighting for. By all metrics, Gabon is more civilized and forward thinking than the USA.

Btw, their people aren’t taxed up the wazoo to afford them these basic human rights. The government nationalizes the country’s natural resources and distribute the profits to help the masses, and pay for their basic needs; instead of helping the few. As it should be. Gabon, that’s what’s up.

Australia… do ya research number one place for poisonous animals and insects… like very dangerous you can have it more people die from poisin there than anything else smh

Hawaii didn’t use to be part of the US. but ok. Also I haven’t hear of wars there but volcanoes and hurricanes :thinking::thinking: but Hawaii could be option

No active volcano on the island of Oahu. Tsunamis instead of hurricanes, but the weather is always nice and they are such loving and laid back people!

Africans come here to make money and leave to start businesses back home. I’ve been to Ghana and honestly when I get myself together I’m moving there also :joy:. It’s a free country laws aren’t to bad living is nice and food is great ! Plus it’s cheap !!!