"If you could move out of the country, where would you go"?


(Maurice Nixon) #21

All. Of. This. Those people are here with a purpose. I’d live to relocate as well, bu I have to figure out finding work, supporting myself etc. I hope to start visiting next year to start working it all out.

(Andrew Martin) #22

it’s very easy to start a business because they don’t have laws as strict as ours as long as you pay your taxes your fine. My boyfriends dad owns a whole sale business and has been doing great for over 20yrs and so has his 8 siblings. It’s not complicated. And thank you for the encouragement !

(Kimberly Nelson) #23

America is a never ending war zone so I doubt most are running from one war just to run into another. Fact is most people from other countries period move here for more opportunity don’t believe it simple ASK and then come back and tell me how many say they actually “flee” because of war

(Sharon Green) #24

There’s a great migration going on from China and other Asian countries to Africa. The natural resources and materials to create their technology is in Africa. Look it up

(Sue Cooper) #25

Did you know Dark skinned people originated in Australia, same way in the USA? And they were slaughtered then Australia was colonized just like the USA? They do not have a smile filled history.

(Donna Harris) #26

Africa is the largest continent in the world with 54 countries. Why for the life of me do people continue to see this continent as a monolith? Heck, people don’t see Europe, a smaller continent, with 50 countries as a monolith. Yet there are some seriously struggling countries in Europe. Many of which is always at war.

Take for example the country of Gabon, in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is slightly larger than the UK. They have a higher literacy rate than we do here in the USA.

All their citizens speak multiple languages. The gov guarantees free education from pre-K all through college. All the residents are also guaranteed free healthcare. These are things, the USA is still fighting for. By all metrics, Gabon is more civilized and forward thinking than the USA.

Btw, their people aren’t taxed up the wazoo to afford them these basic human rights. The government nationalizes the country’s natural resources and distribute the profits to help the masses, and pay for their basic needs; instead of helping the few. As it should be. Gabon, that’s what’s up.

(Michaela Biksacky) #27

Your point about wars is well taken. We must be careful of when and where conflicts are happening - in Africa and elsewhere.

However, not all 54 African nations are ever at war at once.

For many African Americans, the opportunity to connect with the history and culture stolen from us during the enslavement matters.

Though it would be wrong to assume Africa would be our first choice, for some of us it certainly is.

This nation does such an incredible job of casting Africa/ Africans/ African Americans in a bad light, that the Motherland is the last place many African descendants want to go. This does not necessarily apply to you.

Thus far, I have been to Tanzania, Azania (South Africa) and Swaziland. My wife and daughter have also been to Senegal and Ghana. Other travel has included the contiguous US and Alaska, Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, England, France, Jamaica, Haiti and Puerto Rico. In every place, the African experience has been enthralling. We’re just getting started.

It’s great to see your enthusiasm about travel. We hope to instill that passion in our children too.