If experiencing rude riders

I’m a new driver gonna do my first driving today or tomorrow. … If someone starts Vaporing in your car without asking. Do you consider that as rude??

No they don’t ask at all they do what they want want they don’t care what you think or want.

Nope. If they start vaping I pull my vape out and vape with em :joy:

Just gonna throw this out there. There’s nothing harmful about “secondhand vapor”. If you can deal with it, it’s easier not to make your pax mad. I vape in my vehicle all the time. But I never vape around passengers unless they vape too. I always air out my vehicle long before picking up a passenger and I hide my vaporizer. Most of the time passengers compliment how great it smells in the vehicle. There’s no vapor but the smell sticks around a bit. The good thing is it is never a permanent smell, it’s usually gone within a few hours. Smoking on the other hand, I don’t like smoking at all. Fortunately I’ve mostly passengers that were considerate and finished their cigarettes before getting in. But I can promise you this. If a passenger wants to smoke in my vehicle, I’m gonna let them. Why? Because I want them happy. A couple nights ago I had a passenger in this group that asked me first if they can smoke in there. I said “long as you keep it out the window, you’re more than welcome to”. That same group gave me a $40 tip and a kickass rating. I have a lot of cleaning supplies in my jeep as well. I drop off my passengers, then turbo vent it as I drive off and then I make a quick 2 minute stop and freshen it up, all gone. Super simple and easy. I’ve had nothing but compliments and get a lot of tips. I will say I’ve only been driving for 3 days but I don’t get a constant flow of pax like a lot of people here do. I usually have plenty of time between pax to freshen up. Except for bar rush, then it gets really busy. But I definitely can take a couple minute stop between to do a quick blast of febreeze and go.

Preston yes there is it’s more harmful then you think. You think it not because you don’t care. You probably do it your self and that is why you say this.

Yup, that’s rude! I vape. I wouldn’t vape when there’s riders in my car.

Yes that is rude. They must ask before anything! It’s not there space…

It’s a cleaning fee if no one asks if it’s cool, yet tipping makes many thing cool.

Yep rude. You can’t even pass gas from the ass without asking me

Ask if they are willing to pay the $1000 fine if they say yes you ask to show the money.
I f another passenger get in the cab and smell any kind of funny smell Im liable so no no no you can’t vap smoke jerk off etc this shit is acab ride not your 3 cents limo

stop being so polite they take you for a lollipop a fluff a daisy toilet paper

Kick the
Hem out!, Someone will think it’s you.

an slave laborer not a “professional driver” that’s a monicker use by you Boss to make you feel important your level is lower than a pizza delivery boy this at least carries food you . YOU CARRY HUMAN TRASH ( the cheapest and meanest) My dear Tommy

They ask I say ok cuz it doesn’t leave residue or lingering odors

It doesn’t yes it does and I can blow up on your car boom your both dead.

YES and I would ask to stop!!! Las night I had 4 rides and 2 of them I had to tell them NO smoking and NO drinking in my house.

Yes rude, but if it doesn’t bother you just let it go and 1 star, but if it does ask them to stop.
It’s not worth to argue about it!

Yes Mo, for $10 plus let them run you over. The boss is watching…

Vape wouldnt bother me the smell if any dont stay long unless they have them fruity pebble smell. If it was a cigarette id say no smoking the next rider might not like that.I have It is rude if you wasnt asked.

I’ll be faking bad allergies can’t breathe and stop right away