I was humbled today as I picked up a rider from Clearwater to St. Pete Florida

Casual conversation on the usual $25.00(ish) ride , the guy mentions that he is a Vet & he is moving to another homeless shelter . A few questions later , I just decided to shut down my app (about 2/3 in) . He asked what I was doing , and I explained that he has other things to worry about than me giving him a helping hand . I know I am out driving for $$ , but I am human …

Not to be that guy, but as soon as you shut that app off, you are no longer covered by Ubers terms and services, and insurance. If you got in an accident with him in the car, you’re screwed.
I like the thought process, but I wouldn’t do it again. Too much liability on your end.

Now I’ve been curious about this. With the app shut down, Uber’s insurance is off but doesn’t your personal insurance take effect?

For arguments sake; with the app turned off wouldn’t it be treated the same as if I got into a wreck with a friend in my car? I am no longer a commercial driver as I am not collecting money from the trip.

I am no means a legal expert, but let’s say this pax ends up suing you. I’m pretty sure you’re own insurance company would drop you at that point as well because you’re not carrying rideshare insurance. And besides, I’d say your friend is less likely to lawyer up, as opposed to a complete stranger.

What about keeping the app on until the ride is finished, then report to Uber that you would like to NOT charge the passenger? I think that would take care of any liability while driving and not charge the passenger.

I think people are more worried about legalities or what’s in it for them then they are about helping a fellow human being. A lot of what’s wrong with this world today! Good for you! There are still a few good people left.

A better way to do this would be to complete the trip with the app on then the message Uber and ask them to refund the customer the fall fair due to unforeseen mechanical problems that happened with your car during the trip. You take care of a fellow veteran which I think you for as a fellow vet. But you also maintain your commercial liability insurance during the trip.

I agree. This was a great thing you did. Just next time I would finish the trip and refund the money back at the end. Just covers your ass in case. Not judging him at all but he could have turned around and accused you of anything at that point or like people have said, for insurances sake.

Great job tho buddy. Huge props from me :blush:

The insurance argument is more than just a selfish argument. You’re also depriving the vet of being able to sue Uber in the event of an accident. Also, your regular insurance will not kick in because you’re doing an Uber ride and not covered on Uber insurance. So he would have none to go after for medical bills.

As mentioned above, the beat way would be to complete the ride on uber, then tell Uber to refund fare.

Very nice thought though and I appreciate that people take care of our vets.

Just think of all of the possibilities first.

so he’s homeless but has 25 on his bank card for an uber…or is the uber being covered by someone else …i guess I’m not human

or he COULD be rationing his remaining $100 to survive the week, and foregoing the UBER fare allowed him another meal… Perspective.

It’s an Uber… not a private jet. It’s really not that big of a deal to be of concern. I’m broke as shit and filed bankruptcy this year but I own the newest iPhone because my brother in law gets me his employee discount… being homeless and broke really isn’t black and white

Just because u live in a shelter doesn’t mean your broke most homeless people just don’t have ENOUGH its not always a situation that they don’t have ANYTHING some shelters aka transitional houses make u pay

Maybe he is using a precious 25.00 to get to a shelter that is more able to help him, give him a place to sleep and a meal. I hope you never find yourself in this kind of situation. And if you do, some one shows you a bit of mercy and kindness.

Right like even if I made $700 a month I could still be homeless, but I’d still have money for uber. Apartments are at least $1000 here and rooms don’t go for much cheaper if you want to have access to public transportation and not rely on uber or being totally stranded. People live in shelters who were just employed a week ago. Sometimes they have a major life event that knocks them on their ass financially. Think about if he hadn’t used the $25, how would he get to the shelter? He wouldnt and hed be super officially homeless. Maybe someone bought him a prepaid card to help him. Who knows. It’s not up to us strangers to be the judge of who is poor enough to warrant someone’s gift.

I used to be a claims rep for social security processing peoples retirement benefits and you’d be surprised how many vets getting $800+ a month pension are homeless or live in their cars. It’s simply not enough to live on these days but there’s nothing they can really do about it.

I used to have two jobs and slept in my car because it was still too much. The rent where I lived at for an apartment was like 2400. They are so expensive in the bay because of the higher paying jobs… Only problem is only a small percentage has the higher paying job. I would rather sleep in my car by the water where it was quiet then pay 1400 a month on a place I could have been shot. You never know the reason. Most people assume if you are homeless it means you are a druggie or a bum. Sometimes those people just have nowhere to go and can’t afford it.

Boy i got choked up on this post! Fantastic brother . Jesus said in as much as you did it to the least of these you did it unto me. David mcelwain

We have so many homeless vets in our military town. Again. I say thank you for what you did. And Jessie agree with your scripture!

To bad the company can’t figure out a way to discount veterans. Being a veteran myself I would love to drive other vets around and listen to their stories.