I was hit by a hit and run driver while in the middle of a passenger ride

As a Lyft driver, Lyft’s insurance deductible is at the responsibility of the driver, not them. I got screwed with a $2753 estimate of damage from them and I pay the $2500 deductible as they only will pay $253 at this point. Is that fair? No. My insurance doesn’t cover it because I was in the middle of the ride. The special “rideshare insurance” only covers you while you are logged on the app waiting for passengers. So, guess who got screwed? I think I will rethink about driving for Lyft. It surely makes Grub Hub and Shipt look better to work for. Anyone else been in this same problem?

No, regular insurance. The state of Wisconsin requires that I have a special insurance for being a driver with a rideshare company. USAA is who I have and it’s good insurance. But the claim had to go through Lyft/York Insurance.

Only State Farm and all state have gap deductible insurance. All the other insurance companies are ripping off rideshare drivers. You should listen to king of Uber podcast episode 11. They cover this

USAA has it, but it is only while waiting for passengers. Once we accept a ride, it’s Lyft’s responsibility, their insurance kicks in.

All of the company’s are the same with a super high decidable. I think I read someone one of the others has a 5k but not sure what.

My regular insurance, via USAA, is $500, but they couldn’t touch this claim because I was logged into the Lyft app on an active ride.

I went back to look at my contract with Lyft, and sure shit not, it was right there about the $2500 deductible. I didn’t remember that from two years ago.

I did, but it is only while I’m logged on waiting for riders. Next time, I won’t tell USAA that it was while I was on duty. Then I would have had a $500 deductible, rental car, my car would be repaired already, and I would have been paid for loss wages.

I have Allstate. My understanding is that, while you have to pay the $2500 Lyft deductible up front, Allstate will reimburse you the difference between that and your personal deductible. So, if your personal deductible is $500, Allstate will reimburse you $2000.

Nope. Ur personal insurance will deny the claim. And have nothing to do with you and discontinue further. Better be in a state that has rideshare insurance.

Yup its a Hell of a ride. Between insurance companies, lawyers back and forth pulling teeth. Never wanna go though this again cause you dont end up with shit.

Sorry that happened to you, but it wasnt a secret what is would cost out of pocket. They never hid that from you or anyone else. That $2500 deductible is exactly why I will never drive for Lyft.

Just to be clear to those who may not yet have it, you MUST have RIDESHARE insurance. Neither company will cover you in phase 1 and, as you know, Uber & Lyft’s deductibles are astronomical. Also, if you do not have rideshare coverage and something happens, many companies will COMPLETELY drop you and not cover anything, even if you are not currently doing rideshare at the time. Fortunately, rideshare insurance is relatively inexpensive, about $20/month.

Turning off comments 20mins after posting should earn you the boot from the group. Especially when people are trting to help you.

I don’t agree. Fraud would be crashing your own car to get paid. Wanting your insurance to pay for a legit accident, which is why you buy coverage in the first place, is just being smart…

I never said anything about lying about what you do either. This person said they had insurance that knew she worked rideshare, did they not? Insurance companies using stupid loopholes not to have to pay claims is fraud!

Don’t try and get all sanctimonious on me. As far as morals go, I am pretty well ahead of the game. It’s the insurance companies that are the crooks. They take everyone’s money and then when a person finally needs to use it, they deny the claim… There are times when something that seems wrong is actually the more correct thing to do… Robin Hood? Pancho Villa? They robbed people and were lauded as heroes for the downtrodden. Not letting a crooked insurance company defraud a paying client isn’t much different on a moral level… The driver here is the victim, not the stupid insurance company she pays every month for apparently nothing…

haha, the only priggish person here is you. There is a HUGE difference between an insurance company being crooked and not wanting to pay for a claim versus a person who didn’t pay for a certain coverage and is somehow surprised that they don’t have said coverage. It could be a bad agent, or it could be that the person is a cheapskate. And it seems like you are somehow trying to tie in what Robin hood did to lying to the insurance company because you feel that it is the right thing to do. That is a huge reason why rates are so high.

In this case the OP knew or should have known that they didn’t have said coverage. You can’t be mad at someone else because you refused to do what you needed to protect yourself.

You know what Socrates said about insults… Lol, and you want to preach to me about being a good person? Bottom line is she pays hundreds of dollars a month for coverage. Just because some jerk chose to hit her during the one 5-minute period that someone says she supposedly isn’t covered, doesn’t mean she deserves to be punished and lose MORE money… She doesn’t even have to lie to anyone. She can simply just not say anything about being on a paying ride at all… The police report doesn’t have to say anything about her being on a rideshare clock either. All of that info is strictly voluntary… That is my opinion and I am entitled to it. You got people out here having babies out of wedlock and breaking laws, doing drugs, etc. etc… In the grand scheme of things, withholding a single piece of information is no big sin…

The insurance companies aren’t out to screw anyone over. I know how insurance works pretty well. They want to help out and pay out. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. Lyft is the one that is screwing people over with that high ass deductible. That isn’t the insurances fault. I agree it sucks for this person, I’d be upset as well, but the deductible is $2500 and damages are slightly over that. That is how insurance works. I pay extra for $100 deductibles. And what she has paid are for services rendered, it isn’t a savings account that you can draw from. Your “logic” is seriously messed up. And I’ll say it one last time. Lying to get some of “your OWN money back” is in fact stealing. Or are you saying the laws are wrong?

Fraud. You are welcome for enlightening you. If you choose not to take what I’ve told you, it is your prerogative to stay ignorant and void of morals and integrity.