I was bummed can't drive in my home city I was visiting

I can’t remember which group was discussing whether you can drive in different cities. Uber is a no. You have to apply for that city and while you await approval you are deactivated in your current city. Then when you want to come back to original city you have to reapply. They told me that at the hub in Nashville. Now Lyft told me the Same thing on the phone. Well low and behold I turned on my lift app while in twin cities and it said nothing about not being in my region. Left it on til I got pinged! Hadn’t scheduled in the extra days to drive because I didn’t think I could but now I know better

Crossing state lines may be a problem. Some states may require you be licensed in that state. Here in Texas drivers on either app can work anywhere in the state but I know at least one person who also drives into Louisiana without problems.

When I tried as a Boston driver it wouldn’t allow me to drive here in Miami. As a Miami driver though I think I’d be able to drive in Boston

Whaaaaat? You’re either getting bad info and/or giving bad info. You can drive in other cities and other states. It’s all up to that city’s rules and regulations. And you’re not deactivated while you wait.

When I turned on Lyft it went on just like in my resident state! But before I left for vacation I called Lyft and they told me the same thing Uber said.

With Uber I can drive anywhere in California
With Lyft, you can drive any states

I drive to LA all the time and never had a problem.
Once I’m in that market I am able to see there surges

That’s not entirely true. Yes, it is easier to drive lyft in other states, but you still have to meet the requirements for each state AND inform lyft that you’ll be driving in another state. If you don’t, and get into an accident, you will not be covered because you will be “out of compliance”.

(Info from Tampa bay lyft hub)

Just wonder why Lyft told me on the phone that we couldn’t. I would have planned my vacation a little different had I known!!

I can drive anywhere in FL. While on hurricane evac last year, I saw that I could have driven in Ashville, NC.

That’s funny because when I drove for Uber I was all over Georgia I wasn’t confined to one major city. I think you mean States not cities and then that also depends because Uber will turn your app on if for example if I’m close to the South Carolina Edge from Georgia they will turn my app on if I left Georgia to drop somebody off. And they will you have to sign out and call them and let them know and they will turn your app on to get back to the state you belong to. But it’s got to be a neighboring state

Yes they refer to it as region, but I have not tried to turn on Uber in another TN city. I just know I couldn’t in MN

Well we can’t just drive in any state for example if you’re from Georgia you cannot drive in New Orleans they have their own set of rules plus a lot of these regions want you to have a driver’s license and that particular area. Because they have different rules in different states

Uber states that while applying with all documentation uploaded for another state they will deactivate you in original state, then when you come back you have to reapply. That’s what they told me at the hub. Now Lyft told me the same thing but apparentlythat is not true with lyft


I’m in the Lehigh valley area …Allentown PA …I can drive in PA , NJ , AND Delaware …and once I’m TLC licenced NEW YORK :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

I am pretty sure you can Drive in all available Cities for Uber and Lyft in Texas. Not sure about other states due to State regulations.

With Uber, I can drive in multiple cities AND multiple states… I don’t know why your passing bad information…

giving in accurate information. You already admitted you have to re-apply. We are told that you can only change territories when you move to a different area. I know this because I asked Lyft & argued for hours about it. I live in St Paul Minnesota & am within 20 minutes of boarder communities in Wisconsin that offer many fun outdoor music festivals etc. I can drop pax off there but not pick up. Entirely different insurance & permit regulations. It’s not worth the hassle if you get in a wreck.

My app works just fine in the other states…

Every active driver is assigned a region… That simply means I’m a Toledo driver… This DOES NOT prevent me from operating UBER in different cities/states