I wanted to share some of the best tricks and tips i've learned over the past 6 months doing ridesharing....

I know everyone is angry about the new rate decreases and rideshare insurance stuff.

  1. One of the most commonly asked questions from my out of town male passengers is “where is the nearest strip club”. Elite cabaret in Tempe, AZ gives your riders free cover and pays you $30 cash for every person that you bring there. Let me say that again… You get paid for for driving them there and the club pays you $30 per head in cash at the door. If you aren’t taking advantage of this free money, then you are missing out. There are other clubs in the Phoenix area that do this as well. Make it a point to talk to the doorman next time you drop a customer off at one of these establishments.

  2. ALWAYS carry gallon ziplock baggies in your car. So far, I have had 5 pukers in my vehicle and not one drop has ever been spilled on my seat. Whenever someone doesn’t look so well, I give them a baggie and tell them that it’s there just in case of an emergency. The best part is that they can zip it up when they are done and take it home with them as a souvenir.

  3. Have cards printed up with your promo code on it. Almost every time I pick up more than one passenger, there is one of them that doesn’t have the lyft or uber app downloaded. I tell them to download it while they are in the vehicle because it only takes a minute and i can make sure it is done right. You will make A LOT of money with your referral codes this way. Everyone wants a free ride and you get paid!

  4. On a slow weeknight, there are a few places where you are sure to pick up a rider. One of them is just outside Sky Harbor Airport downtown Phoenix. There are quite a few nice parking lots to pull over and wait for a fare. Usually about every 30 minutes you’ll see the area surrounding the airport light up like a christmas tree. That’s because a shuttle has just arrived and dropped off passengers. You’ll get a ride out of the deal and most people are going to be traveling more than just a few miles to get home.
    Another great place that i’ve found to “hang out” is the casino’s. They have large parking lots to wait in and not seem like you’re trolling but you will usually pick up a fare within a few minutes even on a slow night.

  5. When you have a group of drunk unruly passengers, I’ve found that when you tell them to put their seatbelts on in the back seat they immediately calm down and usually go to sleep. Its kind of like being put in a restraint chair at jail. They aren’t able to move as much and talk to the person in the front passenger seat. It works. Trust me. Oh, and for the record, I always ask that all of my passengers put on their seatbelts.

  6. Get yourself a quote on rideshare insurance. You do NOT want to be caught without having this on your vehicle. If you are not a Farmers insurance customer, you do not have coverage if you’re in an accident. Lyft and Uber have very limited coverage for you and there are a million things that are in the fine print of your insurance policy.

I am a Farmers insurance agent in Phoenix and would be happy to give you a quote on covering 100% of your vehicle and medical expenses. Give me a call or text for a free quote now. Scott Miranda 602.680.0879

  1. Fist bump your riders when they get in your car! It’s always awkward for people to meet someone new. They are getting into a strangers car! (especially if they are a female by themselves). Make them feel more at ease and give them a friendly fist bump. It takes the edge off and you can get a giggle out of them almost every time.

I hope some of these tips help you guys in the future! As drivers, we need to stick together and watch each others backs out there. Please feel free to comment with any other suggestions to help us all make more money.

I cant. I’m only licensed in Arizona right now. You can look up a farmers agent in your area though.

I have a great agent I’ve had for years and years and does Mercury and I have rideshare as part of my personal policy. Let me know if you want his name.

I’m mainly looking for somebody that can give me commercial insurance. if he can help me get that that’ll be great.

Hmmmm, not sure but you can call John Beckwith @ Beckwith Insurance at 310-454-0651 or send him an email at john@beckwithinsurance.com and tell him I sent you. Not sure about the commercial but I’m kinda guessing yes. Let me know what happens when you talk with him tomorrow.

Totally agree. I, however, can’t get anyone to go to Elite or the other strip club just down the way. Ugh! Also, the gay club district is hopping on the weekends and as a female driver, these guys always cheer me up after driving around college kids or snotty entitled chicks in Scottsdale. :slight_smile:

I love, love, love Boystown in Chicago. Right at 2am, I would be right there in front of the gay bars. Those guys make me laugh!

9-gallon garbage bags from a dollar store work even better. They can fit their whole head in there, no splatter and they take their garbage with them.

These are the kind of suggestions we need on the Phoenix drivers group :wink:

I do Elite and Skin but never knew they’d do $30. I have their free admission tickets but only get $20. Thanks for the super amazing advice and I’d love a quote! (480) 747-4748

I call BS on that insurance covert ad right there!!

You can call whatever you want mr George. There is always someone that doesn’t like it when people try to help other people.

And to be clear, there’s no ifs ands or buts about Lyft and Uber insurance coverage-except the ones people like you reimagined to take advantage of the gullible amongst us.
THAT is a conversation I’m ready to have with you as an insurance agent right now right here.

I saw what you did there-nice try!
Uber and Lyft insurance rules are across the markets.

I’m sorry to say that you’re either trying to pick a fight or you’re uneducated on the lyft/uber coverages.
There are 3 stages. Stage 1, when your app is turned on and you are driving around looking to connect with a customer. You only have 25k/50k liability limits and that does not cover YOUR medical expenses. Stage 2 is when you have matched with a rider and you are on your way to pick them up. You still only have 25k/50k in liability limits and YOUR medical expenses are still not covered. Stage 3 is when you have a rider in your vehicle. THAT is the only time you have the $1 million dollar liability coverage. In any of these scenarios your vehicle would need to get fixed and there are very high deductibles for that ($2500 with uber). With all of this being said, if you do not have the Rideshare endorsement then your current insurance company will not cover a claim. As I said before, read your policy. There is a specific exclusion in there for doing Rideshare. They will drop you in a heartbeat if they found out you were doing uber/lyft. Before you make another comment please educate yourself with the laws in your state. That’s all the time I have right now. Feel free to argue with yourself now while I’m 100% covered in my fully insured vehicle that my insurance company knows I’m driving.

EXCEPT you have insurance coverage on your car BEFORE there was uber!!

Unfortunately you’re not reading my entire response. Your insurance company will not cover you if you are doing Rideshare without the Rideshare endorsement.

“I’m sorry to say that you’re either trying to pick a fight …” is that code for "combative black male?

I don’t know how a person gets race involved from a facebook post about sharing Rideshare tips, but do everyone a favor and delete yourself from my thread.

thanks for the info, I’m somewhat of a newbie in Phoenix and welcome any and all driver tips.