I try to maximize fuel economy. How much gas you spending?

If you drive 35 or more hours a week, how much are you spending in gas?
I spend about 150 a week in gas. 5 days a week. 30 a day.
2015 Honda Odyssey.
I shut off the van when I park/stage. I don’t run ac when passengers are not in.
If it is somewhat cool I keep windows down even with passengers unless they ask for ac.

Everyone seems to think Plus/xl is sooo much better, but they never realize how much we spend in gas.
I’ve made 40 bucks on plus rides this week not counting the 20 tip. If I had taken those same rides as non plus I would have made 25-30 anyway. So 10-15 bucks extra. Whopty doo.

Try to pretend every day is the day you got you DL accelerating and catching speed slowly and breaking as well, try your best do stay on the correct lane whenever you need to pull in or make a turn without the need to hit the gas and past the car in front of you to make it or whatever…

I tend to get better mileage than advertised in my vehicles.
I got 24mpg city in my 2013 ram 1500.
I know how to drive to maximize economy.
This van will not get any better mileage no matter how I drive it.
If I hypermile, 15 mpg.
If I drive it like I stole it. 15 mpg.
If I just drive normal. 15 mpg.
I can not wait to get rid of it.

do you have any kind gear shifter like + and - maybe you can try that out and see if it give some extra juice?? Eco mode doesn’t really do much huh?

Try too look on these new 2.4 engine they are not speedy fast but they have enough power if you really like too push it a little bit and mpg are really good hopefully you fine something more efficient for lyft :v:

I work usually 5 days a week 8 hrs a day total of 40/45 hours on average and I don’t spend more then 45/50 bucks a week

I average 20-25 hours a week. Spend about 70 in gas. I always get my gas at Murphy’s.
Great post! I was wondering this my self

I have a Hyundai 2.4 liter I get good mpg driving in grandad mode and where I drop off i “stage” of course when I can and if is not on the casino “Lyft friendly” also I turn off my car while waiting on ride/passenger cause they usually take 3/4 minutes most of time…

I should mention this is not my only job. I am a Behavior Therapist and drive to and from clients homes and schools. I didn’t figure those miles into the gas. I use the same car for both jobs.

since I’m so close to the strip, and my “real job” is there, and that’s where I do most of my rides I guess that explains the low fuel cost relative to my Uber/Lyft income

$125.59 for the week so far (including fill up for tonight and tomorrow).

I’ve driven 964 miles. I’ve given 93 rides.
I’ve driven 34 hours. And earned $827 including tips. I’ve had $0 kB this week.

Mind you my gas money includes personal mileage which is a decent amount outside of Rideshare (400-450mi a week)

I drive a 2015 Toyota Prius. When I drove a 2012 Town & Country last year I was spending close to $900 a month on fuel between Rideshare and personal. Thankfully someone stole the van and I picked up the Prius and save myself $500 a month in fuel.

I guess is not the same for everyone but the fact that you live far or close to the strip doesn’t really mean nothing cause when you think you are in the middle of nowhere cause you live by the strip and you wanna head home it’s “far” and vice versa for me I live on buffalo and cactus :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

In the last 7 days I’ve spent $97.41 for 37 gal (12.18 per day avg). Its averaging me $0.12 per mile driven with fuel efficiency at 25 mil/Gal

Good Lord…run the AC. It’s less then 1 penny per mile. When a Pax is on board run the damn AC. Amazing how cheap some people are.

Number 1, I like heat.
2 it’s a lot more than a penny a mile in this turd.
3 Pennies add up quick especially at 200-300 miles a day.

Here are the main priorities… #1 passenger safety ALWAYS takes #1. #2 is passenger comfort. Passenger comfort always goes above your profit.

And I only care enough about the rating to keep myself from being deactivated.
I’m over 4,000 rides in…

It was snowing yesterday how come people hot lol in summer I get it there is no way you are not running ac day n night tho

Wanna bet?
I did cable in 2014, during the summer. The ac in my truck never came on once the whole summer.
I love the heat.
I keep my house at 77 in the winter, and freeze. I keep it at 85 in the summer.