I try to maximize fuel economy. How much gas you spending?

During summers that’s the first thing people ask if I can crank the ac a bit which is always on but on 2/3 fan power but they want it blasting and don’t understand that how you get sick :face_with_thermometer: lol

I have a long term plan.
I won’t even be doing this at all in 6 months. Starting business number 2.
So laugh all you want. This has been a part time gig to get me to my end goals.

I spent about $100 when I was working over 40hours a week now that I only do it on the weekends I spend about $25-35 in the 2-3 nights about 8 hours a night I drive a 2010 corolla

Nissan Versa Sedan 2017 34.3mpg average on my meter… spend $10.00 of gas to gain 125$ on a busy day. (About 200miles)

When I have no customer, no air/drive speed limit/soft and slow brakes when coming up to a light so it takes less gas to accelerate with a moving vehicle than a complete stop.

How many miles do you have on the van already might need a fuel service to clean up all the gook in the fuel rails from driving so much

Well still need to take care of it overtime as well…

I use BG Products
Can’t find them at autozone or Oriellys or anything like that it’s what dealerships use and it’s high grade stuff

Every oil change I use their kit that has a fuel and treatment additive. Keeps me getting the same MPG and my car noticeably runs better. It’s the little things the help the car run and perform longer…better