I truly believe that GOD was the reason I was matched with a particular pax last night

I had an amazing experience last night.

While I was driving, I received a ride request from that rider, who only had a 4 star average

Prior to this request, it had been an extremely slow night. I was tired, I was angry, I was ready to give up and go home. But the Lord spoke to me and told me to click on this request. I did. I get to the pick up location, and the pax is nowhere to be found. I told myself that I wasn’t going to give my usual courtesy call before marking them a no- show, because I really didn’t want to deal with a rider who had that low of a rating. I wanted to cut my losses, take my no show fee, and go home for the night.

The Lord spoke to me again. He told me to be patient and don’t mark her a no show. So I waited. 4 1/2 minutes later, out walks a very pregnant 20 something female carrying a purse and take home bag of food (pickup location was McDonald’s). She hobbles over to my car “are you Patrick?” She asks. I tell her I am, and it turns out she’s my pax. I begin to feel a little guilty for judging her on the wait time.

I confirm the destination address and we are soon on our way. I make small talk on the way to the destination and she apologizes for making me wait. Apparently she had attempted to text me that she was at the other entrance, but didn’t realize her phone didn’t have reception so it didn’t go through.

She then proceeds to tell me that she’s 8 1/2 months pregnant and the child’s father was killed in a crash a few months ago. I was almost in tears. It gets better, though.

She said that she was unemployed for a long time and just recently started working. She has to take 3 buses to and from work every day, and the bus picking her up from work was late tonight, which caused her to miss her next bus, so she had to spend the extra money and call an Uber to get the rest of the way home. I begin to feel bad for her.

We get to the destination, and it was only then that I realized where she was going. It’s a homeless shelter. O… M… G! I inform her that I didn’t recognize the address at first, and I reasonably should have. Choking back tears, she says “yeah, when the baby’s father died, I didn’t have any money coming in anymore, so I was kicked out of my home. I had no place to go, so I ended up here. I do have a job now, but I still don’t know where I’m gonna go. She’s full on crying now.

The Lord spoke to me again. I’ve never done this before while driving Uber, but there’s a first time for everything. I explained to her who I was and where I worked (I’m a Case Manager for the homeless by trade). I gave her my card, and instructed her to call me after the baby was born. I told her I couldn’t make any guarantees, but there was a good chance I could help her out.

Folks, the point I’m trying to make here is that you never know anybody’s whole story unless they tell you. There’s usually a reasonable explanation for everything. If I hadn’t taken that ride request tonight, I’m sure the world would have continued to turn, but my spiritual life may not have.

I’ve been there before. I was homeless, for several months, back in 2010. I had no job and nowhere to go. No place to turn. Somebody helped me out back then, and hopefully this is how I can pay it forward.

Uber on, ladies and gents!

God bless, I hope she calls and you keep doing God’s work. This is the kind of story I want to start my day off with, inspirational. Thank you.

Sometimes we do things against our better judgement and find out why afterward. I hope you’re able to help her out. I have several students right now who are considered homeless. It’s a rough situation and I can’t imagine being in her shoes.

Thank you for sharing. I’m 13 months sober in two days. I often think God speaks to me through my experiences with Clients. He often matches me with others in need and kindness as a reminder to where I’ve been or where I could have been headed. On my slowest or days, God has blessed me with a rider who refocus my spirit and saves my day​:rainbow::place_of_worship::pray:t3::peace_symbol::heavy_plus_sign::heart:

Congratulations on being sober! I celebrated 2 years of recovery from gambling on November 16th :slightly_smiling_face:

I had reposted this to my timeline yesterday. Not just for kids.

“Parents, telling your children to “follow their heart” is an abusive and misleading proposal. God did not design the heart to be followed, but to be led. Not by our emotions but by the instruction of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit. #DaleyWisdom

We don’t know everybody situation if I didn’t post it respond you guys would never know what’s going on with me you never know what’s going on with the fella who admitted he’s been sober for a couple of years everybody has a story don’t judge

To look at me you would never have thought that at the age of 47 2010 I had a triple bypass because I had a heart attack I ignored it but I went to my doctor and told me if I don’t get to the hospital right now I wouldn’t survive until July this happened in late April early may you never would know you don’t know what people go through you don’t know what life has done to them you don’t know what happens if some of these passages look we make jokes about him sometimes they are fools sometimes they just had a hard way to go like that young girl from McDonald’s by the way I pick up a young lady near me I bring in a McDonald’s that’s why she works she is a good woman she’s Pleasant she’s happy and then finally after a few times of bringing her there she says you know one day I’m going to get out of the shelter it’s a house she shares a room with other women it’s a homeless shelter you don’t know

You know that’s a good question if I had known that but I have done that would I have cancelled the trip myself took the hit and said come on with me I don’t know I don’t know

I got chills and a huge smile from your story. When things like this happen, it is definitely God using us as his tools to help each other. We have all been in difficult situations (some more difficult than others) but when the world is such an ugly place it’s beautiful to see that the love God put in us is still there. I hope you are able to help that young lady, and I hope she sleeps in peace tonight knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel :heart: God bless!

Is there nothing that can be done to help a pregnant woman living in a shelter? Why does she have to have the baby first? I’m not downplaying what you did AT All! Just a serious question.

With any kind of welfare, housing, etc, there are going to be lots of paperwork and loads of interviews. If you miss an interview or deadline some places make you start all over or disqualify you from their help.
She’s due any day now if she’s 8 and a half months, after she has the baby she will also need help with diapers, formula if she plans on bottles instead of breast, a pump if she does breastfeed because she obviously will need babe fed as she works, and a two bedroom vs a 1 bedroom. Some places will take a Drs note for housing that you are pregnant and line up a 2bed. Some say you are currently only one person.

That’s just my take on it. I WAS on welfare at 8.5 months pregnant, in low income housing and receiving medical help. It was hard to KEEP UP with the ongoing interviews, check ups and paperwork, I can’t imagine doing the starting processes during that time. And I’m not joking with how much work it is to do and keep up with. I moved out and got off the instant I could because I would rather work 60 hours a week then deal with all the interviews and paperwork and questions. I’m grateful, mind you, I truly am. But it’s not a life I would choose.

And as for rating the passengers I know a few drivers if they don’t get a tip in cash they give the passenger a four-star rating look I give everybody a 5-star rating unless they do something really really nasty to me like yell or do something pretty disgusting I have one women who after I asked her, do you have a preferred route he said no so I followed the GPS and she started screaming about going the wrong way but I got it to work had to go but I thought I followed her request once I got there she brought me back out the traffic around in a circle and added about 5 minutes to the trip I gave up for stars and I let uber know what kind of person she was

The tears on my way to work :sob::sob:… blessings to you for having a listening ear and being subject to the spirit

Shame on the people who think they should get tipped every ride. Seen a bunch of rants about not getting tipped in other groups and every time I tell them u don’t know their situation just like you said, just a different application. Thanks for the read

That is s feel good story. I am sure you will be able to help her and her new baby. Makes my heart feel good and i did nothing!!

God bless you! You showed the REAL reason why God allows us to do this job, not for money but to be able to make a difference in the people we encounter! May God bless you continuously!

That’s what I call a God moment. I believe everything happens for a reason. You BOTH benefited from that encounter…

He probably won’t be able to do that due to privacy laws if he’s helping her through his regular job, but let’s hope he can help her!