I think everyone who was doing this knew Uber would crack down on it one day

So I heard that A LOT of Uber drivers apps got deactivate or are no longer able to pick up from the airport because of calling the riders asking them their destination and then canceling them if the distance isn’t long enough for them I hate to say it but I told you so

They say you can decline rides and the deactivate. Also, expect drivers to accept shot from disrespectful pax’s. In deactivated…Oh well. Not for the B.S.

You don’t have to accept the ride but you are not suppose to accept ask where they are going tell them that you are on your way then cancel or never show and let them cancel

SOUTH: stay away from the parking areas; both are to the left. Once you pass them, move to the left and stay along the left side. This will take you to Lower South.

NORTH: this side is confusing. Stay all the way to the left. Go towards the parking areas. It looks like you’ll be going to pay to park. Once you’re almost to the daily and hourly parking areas, get in the right lane and you’ll go into Lower North.

Me too but now i have to know because I’m going to have to drop my family members off there and got to know where to pick them up

I mean in he app it says if you are not prepared to go long distances call the customer and confirm the destination

you can ask what you like you just better not cancel if they’re going to short distance if you want to continue to work for Uber if not then you’re good to go

After having done 2000 trips, I have only had 4 that were over 50 miles…most of yall are doing it because they are too short

The only problem I have is that a person can wait for hours in the que then you get a pickup at something other than the airport like the Waffle House on Virginia Ave or the Marta at College Park.

I’m not gonna go accept the ride if the dude is driving to Savannah tonight. And I work at 8 am at my day job

I don’t start the app until they verbally confirm where they are going. No, I am not driving to Savannah, AL, Augusta or TN. Those trips would “get cancelled” due to other obligations.

Not trying to change topics. Had a pax in my car that had RECENT direct business dealings with Travis. I was told his personality is “similar” to Donald Trump and is looking forward to having driverless cars on the street. It does not surprise me when that person told me that.

Right. Some more adjectives were used to describe him, but I will keep that between myself and pax. I will continue to use this platform along with my job to get to where I need to be!!!

Apps are tracking and data analysis…everythings being tracked… like All technology.

You have to have a smash and grab mentality to operate like that in the first place.

What do you mean where are theyand why do you want to know I personally had someone call me today and said they were deactivated from picking up at the airport and told me to be careful because it was a lack of them at the hub that was deactivated also now receipt that

call and ask where they going and cancel if it’s short distance do this several times I’m sure you’ll have a receipt to share :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is heresay. I wouldn’t make such a broad statement like this. Example: “I heard everyone that take cash rides are going to jail. I know a girl who know a girl that this happened to.”

I heard it from the horses mouth sir he said he was deactivated from picking up at the airport and he went to the hub and there were a lot more people out there for the same reason he was devastated

Have never asked a PAX where they were going prior to accepting any ride.
I knew others did it but not my style.
I just don’t do pool. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t have time to be going back and forth about foolishness. I was just telling you someone else posted about it to. Evidently it’s happening. Good day