I think everyone who was doing this knew Uber would crack down on it one day

I’m not sure why everyone is so worried about what other drivers are doing with their pax. If they’re deactivated, that’s more opportunities for other drivers … Some of Yall gonna help customers get told off or rated badly lying to their drivers. I wish people would just stay in their lane and mind their business and do whatever the hell they do to scrape up their change!

Personally I don’t give a damn what the next driver does I was just trying to help. when I go to the monthly meetings this was brought up and I came on here and did a post and said that they were going to start Deactivating people that were doing that because they were getting a lot of complaints and some of the comments that were made was this my car I do what I want now so there you go

you know what’s funny is Uber refuse to raise rates or APP the tipping option but they are holding meetings because customers are complaining. We’ve been complaining but they don’t hear us

In a way what other drivers do does affect other drivers. For example someone who is doing this are getting all the longer rides while the short rides are shuffled to people who doesn’t. A ride to cumming that was meant for one driver who doesn’t screen is now given the 9 mile trip downtown. Everyone should be given the same opportunity.

Tell them that the pickup says they are in another far off location. Then tell them they can cancel and request another driver.

they kind of do. I’m not sure the exact miles, but I know if you pick someone up and take them to a hotel on Virginia Ave, you’ll be put right back into the queue.

We as independent contractors have to do what is best for us. If we don’t feel that it is a good business decision to take a $3 75 ride when you have to travel 10 or more miles to get to them…

Played your selves!!! Here’s my thing, this job requires driving lots of it! Depending on where you locate yourself and post up. I hear the wildest stories as I’m sure some of you other ones have as well even with Lyft where customers were taken aback because drivers often have complain to them openly about driving or wait till customer gets in the car and then puts them back out because they said they don’t feel like going that distance one lady told me she was let out at a gas station and the guy said he was at was acting up. Why get into this Arena if you’re not going to do it properly and we don’t do it properly ratings go down and eventually you can’t drive shaking my head

Maybe to an extent but one knows if they feel like driving or not and with this opportunity or job comes not knowing where the destination is going to be. We only know where we’re going to pick up. I’ve even had heard complaints from customers and also them telling me thank you for not starting the truth without them being in the car first. Apparently a lot of drivers are doing this on both platforms Lyft and Uber because I’ve heard about both saying that a ride has started without them and they hadn’t even got in the car yet. And that’s because some of the drivers want to know ahead of time where they’re going and then at times will cancel the ride. On the customer side of had an Uber driver cancel three different times because we kept getting each other on the request when I finally got a request that answered it was 10 minutes away when the other guy was one minute away. So how is that fair. It’s simple people that don’t want to drive shouldn’t drive that is all I’m saying. But yes you are correct Uber definitely has a lot of issues that’s for sure we have choices though we can leave at any time and walk away. There’s a lot of us out here that to other things besides super be at a regular job or other delivery apps xcetera. I still do over I enjoyed the driving part of it not Uber eat so much. I am loving the hell out of doordash and I also know people that enjoy Postmates :slight_smile: definitely got to do what makes you happy no sense in being miserable in anything. No job is worth that corporate Uber Lyft xcetera

i agree. New drivers that sign up for lyft dont want to drive 10 minutes to meet me for their mentor session. And its a driving job!! Lol