I tend to just mind my business

Had a pickup @ motor vehicles today in Camden, out comes a couple holding their toddler and of course no car seat, I refuse the pickup and of course the PAX pleads with me that this is never a problem and he takes UBER all the time…while a Camden County Sheriff is parked outside, I told him to go ask him if its illegal, of course he wouldn’t. Then proceeds to tell me but there is a human side to this, I said yes you’re putting your child in danger…smh
As I sit on the phine with UBER support another UBER driver pulls up and gladly picks them up…thoughts???

If I was on the phone still I’d be giving the rep the shmucko getting that couple’s liscense plate/make/model as well. Those of you who allow this are feeding into the problem.

As soon as I see a kid, I crack the window and advise them I have no insurance if I take w/o seat.
Window up and gone.
Report safety concern as I cancel trip.
I’m not gonna be there long enough to see the next driver

I would be happy with my small fee and keep it moving. Any Driver who wants to take that chance, their choice. The Cop should have rolled up on them after they got in the other car. :rofl::rofl:

I did FD heavy rescue for a number of years.
A. I’ve seen first hand what happens in a rollover/serious impact with and without seatbelts.
B. I was glad I was the truck driver on several calls and spared the visuals.
No restraint no ride, regardless of age.

Small fee … No fee you not getting paid and you wasted a trip sucks i would say it depends on length of trip and my mood.

EVERYBODY hates a SNITCH until a CRIME is perpetrated against them with witnesses and NOBODY is willing to help. :astonished::astonished:

You are right, not this incident, I was speaking in GENERAL terms of crime. To each His/Her own. :slightly_smiling_face:

You see jack shit. Where did i say i took a baby without a carseat? Nowhere! But i would never stick around n snitch .

if you are inan accident with no car seat you’re permanently deactivated and uber insurance backs out because you violated tos

so little laws are ok to break, just not the ones you think carry big enough penalties to follow? I follow the TOS/Guidelines because U/L AND their insurance company will drop you like a hot potato if you don’t. I like my house and savings to much to hand it over to an idiot without a car seat, or a parent carrying a ride for their 16 year old.

Get over yourself first of all. I never saud ot was ok to break the terms of service all I said was mind your business. You never know that driver could need tgat ride for gas or lunch. They could have a car seat? So you would rather get someone deactivated & possibly take away their only income? Karma is real. I mind my business. O worry what I do noone else.Its funny the lafy who staryed this whole post has a joke about speeding on her page? So thats ok cause shes ok with vreaking that law?:joy: foh

Criminals don’t like people (SNITCHES) telling on others. :rofl::rofl::rofl: I am not a criminal so I see no problem with people reporting a PROBLEM (CRIME). :slightly_smiling_face:

Now you know why the couple says they take Uber all the time without a child seat. Just because you don’t want to take them doesnt mean they wouldn’t get a ride. Remember that some one is always there to take your place.

Maybe the other driver had a seat at the ready. I have one. And if they call ahead I set it up before pick up.

You can actually call uber. But most of the time it’s faster to just drive around the corner and wait out the 5 minutes. There is a
“no car seat”
option now tho. Maybe it gives you the fee automatically now

Its not worth the risk, god forbid there is an accident and something happens to the child, so all you with the snitch comments, keep picking up and driving without carseats, it will catch up to you

I always say to my kid, “you do you…dont do him or her because you do him or her, they’ll always never do you!”

Takes a while to sink in.

let that Uber driver take the risk and break the law, you’re in the right here, you don’t need the hassle for what, a $3 fare? Pamela Nobbs is right, the drivers who allow no car seats and driving unaccompanied minors are the problem, not those of us who are just following the rules set up by our employers that are clearly spelled out in the ToS.

This is what I’m talking about.
Uber stands for independent greed.
And to the drivers that are doing it you stink!