I should have used one of those women pee cups

Have you ever went into a pax house and it was a mess in there? I thought this chic was hella cool and I was hella busy so I asked to use her bathroom :woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4: My God!!! :nauseated_face: I think I’ll buy the woman’s urinalysis that was online lol I have to read the review

Based on the smells I smell from passengers here in Vegas… HELL NAWWWLL I ain’t never been in a passenger house. Lol. HARD PASS.

what I said about the lady who didn’t speak English and thought she was being kidnapped and robbed on a pool ride in front of Walmart lol

Nope. All you need is one crazy to say you touched them inappropriately, raped them and or stole from them. F.y.i not worth it

Again he said she said or she said she said or beyond. Look where we are now as a nation. If someone thinks they can take you for something, they will.

I’m not that bitch lol and I’m going to do something else because I didn’t even like embarrassing her like that. She knew her shit was beyond fucked up in there. Nobody should be living like that. Period.

that’s part of my point too. I was contemplating bombing my car but it’s a rental. I finally said every time I get one- I’m bombing it! period.

Not gonna lie…that shit scares me too. Or someone getting in with something airborne. Its not like ride share gives us insurance for that shit.

I bombed my car and I will continue to bomb my car and I’m always aware of my passengers health- if they cough or sniffle etc!!! I ask them to cover their mouth when they cough and I tell them that there are tissues in the door. When they leave- I spray like hell!!! :rofl:

No way, people are crazy what if she had a Jealous husband in there Or complained and said you touched her in appropriately

Guys can whip their piece out and do an emergency pee easy. I HAD TO GO!!! I guess I’ll just pee in the seat like pax do next time. That place was terrible. I couldn’t believe she was living in there and paying rent.

I got a feeling this not the first time you’ve missed the point. I have an endorsement in special education if you need help.

I don’t drive for Uber asshole. See there you go getting shit wrong again! Oh and I have degrees and yet you in the special class.

go clean your house with your nasty ass! That’s what your issue is. You living nasty too! When they deactivate you and you’re back to working at McDonald’s- they’ll show you how to clean!

I did that while I was there. I would never shame a person to their face and obviously y’all living like that so I’ll leave it at that!

I did that ONCE. Last NYE. I was so busy I had no time to go lol! Couldn’t pass up the huge surge! Joking with a family I mentioned I had to go and they were like use ours! I declined several times but finally gave in. Saved my life I tell ya :joy: They even tipped me $20.

oh I read the post that I’ve seen you post before that’s why I don’t get why you typed in all caps because you should have seen that coming a mile away

people go left, start assuming etc. if they was in the same position I’m sure they would have done the same. I’m sure it’s more common than they are admitting. I’ve heard of drivers INVITING THEY SELF IN!!!

well that’s some ghetto ask people if they’re doing that because that’s too much at risk to go into somebody else’s house that you don’t know let alone bad enough that that you get in your car

the tour bus area pull all the way to the front and running to the bathroom almost everyone has free parking for the first 30 minutes if not free parking so as long as they’re in the tourist quarter there should be no excuse