I really wish they would get rid of express pool

2700+ rides and this is my first professional complaint because I wouldn’t let this girl manipulate me into taking her to her actual location on an express pool ride. I had 2 other pax in the car who paid for regular pool and it was during morning commute and mind you she only had to cross a narrow street to get to her destination…

I hate that crap. That’s why I made a video I wish all passengers would see Before Ordering a ride. https://youtu.be/IC8tPUo_Ckk

I accept pool to add to my Quest bonus and I don’t consider it my fault at all… As we all know every driver does their own thing…

Chasing bonuses… 2nd mistake…if you insist on doing ride share wrong no one can help ya

Thanks but I’m Not looking for your help… you just do your thing and let others do yours… good night

Pool anything is a joke and basically rating suicide. Cheap people who expect everything and tip nothing.

I refuse to accept all uberPOOL rides. POOL riders are ignorant douche bags who love to give low ratings and never tip. Express POOL is completely out of the question. We live in a world where many people need reminders to flush toilets. There is no way riders will know and follow the rules of POOL. And it is the drivers who get punished with low ratings. In what universe is that fair? POOL only works on paper. Everything works on paper. Communism works on paper.

Yup I agree, I got dinged last weekend cuz idiots don’t read and don’t understand ExPool

Your customer service needs work, they are paying you to transport them. The question is why wouldn’t you take them to their location?..

pull up to where the GPS tells you to. yeah i don’t complain to the breakroom about giving riders a bad experience just cause its a pool doesn’t mean you get to choose the riders dropoff point your customer service lacks follow through, your just trying to convince your self instead of comfortably dropping off your passengers/ customers. Ever fill up your car with pool riders ain’t no thing phone does most the work or listening to the riders your mentality is favoring yourself only and you get bad raitings

do you understand the situation? I didn’t choose her drop off Uber did but she wasn’t happy with it…

The price doesn’t change if your traveling your getting paid. Maby she made a mistake uber doesn’t choose riders locations you should have took her all the way i hope you find your mistake for a driver that experienced it seems like your just trying to get paid for miles you did’t travle you follow your GPS from now on or don’t drive if your not going to complete the trip sou

Omgosh unless you have express pool in your location then don’t comment… they are dropped of on corners … then walk to their destination…it’s noted when you book it. She was trying to get her off her route to go directly to a place she said she’d walk to

i have 2 years experience and coming across a lot of people on uber in the break room with problems sounds like your the one pouring their glasses up with anger if you don’t have a good attitude after driving sounds like you don’t know how to run a good business. I’m the one running around tracking problems with drivers thinking they are better then the app do you guys ever use express pool? You cant tell the customer they are wrong if you don’t know it from their point of view yeah the app glitches now and then and its not always perfect traffic conditions i only have pool requests in san Francisco and don’t run into those problems if its not their location i tell them to change the location in a new rider request i don’t need to drink alcohol or whatever you get drunk off of to catch a break. STOP BLAMING AND START SOLVING! Learn something? Stop rushing its the flow of traffic and its a variable you never know what you are gonna come across but if you move too fast small mistakes add up.

Sometimes people learned the slight things that made a big difference in work mentality during a brake catch your lately?

What is Express POOL?

Express POOL is a new shared ride option that allows you to join other users with similar routes on the same trip and share the cost of the trip. You can take Express POOL wherever uberPOOL is available around the Bay Area. At this time, Express POOL is not available at San Francisco International Airport and a few other specific venues.

Better routes
We take a few moments to find riders near you for fewer detours en route.

Pickup and dropoff at Express spots
Spots change based on popular routes at the time you request. You’ll see walking directions to the best spot.

How it works

  1. Request Express POOL
  2. Walk up to a couple blocks to your Express pickup spot
  3. Enjoy your ride
  4. Walk up to a couple blocks from your Express drop-off spot to your destination

Express pool is like a bus route. The city bus only picks up and drops off at bus stops. It doesn’t drop someone off halfway down a street off the route. It doesn’t wait for someone who isn’t at the bus stop.

Funny thing, and I’m not picking a side in this. When I was growing up there was a rope you could pull on the bus if you needed it to stop before the next bus stop. They still have that or no?

With express pool you don’t have to take them to the location they want it’s a pick up and drop off point uber give them and us

I drive for living 13 years and just got one of those “Profesionalisam” BS…give me f brake…wtf is there to be professional on Uber pool for couple cent a mile ride…smh.