I only got $20 cleaning fee for a vomit?

This is why I’m NOT gonna drive on Friday.
Because if today we clean up vomit for $20 cleaning fee, tomorrow we gonna clean it for free !
Think about it guys…
If we gonna keep taking forever all the bullshitt it will only get worse because they know we can take it and we are quiet !
Nothing is gonna change other than in worse if we do not demand a change in better !
And no, don’t you even dare to come in my comments to say that this is what I’ve signed up for because I am aware that you are a paid troll here and I will block your ass for telling me such things, so better keep it inside your throat…

you can bitch and complain all you want I have spent 30 years in the trucking industry and it the same way you can stop driving for a day they don’t care because someone will take your place for that day it will take years for them to figure out with out drivers you have no rider’s it took the trucking industry over 30 years to figure it out and now they can’t pay enough money to get drivers

What they know is that there are many mugs out there and a whole lot more when they wake up and leave but Uber, Lyft and the like will syill be taking their huge fees from the MUGS !!!

You work for yourself. You were never hired by uber. Uber doesnt pay you. You do not have a weekly schedule and you do not have any employment status with Uber

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QUIT!!! Stop using the app, thow your decals away and QUIT!!!
Get out of the rest of our ways!!

Don’t comment that the original post is wrong unless gonna give up the raise you got on lift line from the former boycott. Otherwise you’re an a****** Sorry that you drive for lyfe so you have people to talk to but 1st job 2nd job doesn’t make a difference there’s a certain amount of money required to make a good driver

Never got less then 150 for vomit. I have even got the 150 for just showing the napkins and throw up on the ground outside after the passenger cleaned up. It’s all how you word it

I got 150 for vomit from lyft. Then i bought a case of emesis bags and havent had puke on car since.

I got paid 150 from Lyft last time somebody vomited in my car I don’t know about Uber I don’t drive for them

How’d you get $20 for bodily fluids? We get $150 here. And that still isn’t enough! Used to be $250, but Uber lowered it because they could give a rat’s ass about our cars.

How many idiotic template messages do we need to receive to realize we are being treated like trash from the largest legal criminal enterprise in the world? You’re talking to robots who are told to keep bamboozling you with bullshit messages so you just give up, and they keep your money.

I drive during the daytime hours and maybe early evening but no night time driving. If you can’t walk and you can’t talk my doors are not unlocking for you

I drive nights, but won’t pick up at closing time unless 2.7 surge or better, and, they can’t be weak in the knees or,…CANCEL!

that’s why with the risk factor, I will at least will grab the 2.7 surge and then the $150 fee on top of it. It only happened once out of 7k rides and no matter how much money we get, I can NEVER say it’s worth it. I don’t want to make my money that way. That’s why I bounce 30 rides at closing time. Lol.

Uhh they have a thing on their website that specifically states that any kind of bodily fluids is automatically $150. Lemme see if I can find it…

Send all that to them, and see them issue that full $150. It’s coming from them, that any major bodily fluids (which I’m sorry but unless it’s just a bit of stomach acid, it counts as major bodily fluids in a majority of the worlds book!) are automatically $150.

I think this is due to the article that got published regarding people scamming passengers. Lyft is doing the same thing

I get that, and it’s assholes like that that ruin it for the ones who really are reporting it. This is why we can’t have nice things!

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passengers agree to a set of policies when they sign up but we do have a lot of douches driving for uber you guys are right about this. I don’t even wanna mention how many idiots I blocked on this group for being tired to read retard comments. Is horible when you can barely find someone as you, to actually come and say something helpful. Thank you polite ma’am !

One day won’t do shit. Do what I did and get a second part time job. I would love to drive again but less then $1.10 per mile paid just is not worth it. When it is on surge and I am available, I still take a trip every now and then. Unfortunately most drivers do not know how to calculate their actual cost. At 70 cents per mile you are simply giving away your capital for free and making approximately minimum wage for your labor. It is time to tell FUber and Thyft we deserve better pay for our efforts and a better return on our capital investments.