I only get 5 star trips and hardly any one tips

I have such a hard time understanding why Hardly any one tips? I get nothing but 5 star trips and people go out of their way to compliment and or add a note. I guess at this point it’s to blame on perhaps not having a lot of money? Idk. I treat everyone like VIP either way I just wonder if it’s not that noticible adding a tip?

40 dollars cash last night 4 hours made 140.00 got be a pimp

I feel like the tipping option isn’t very user friendly. I’m sure Uber can rework the app so that it prompts and encourages riders to tip. I wish they would.

Exactly like the square app. Before you close out the transaction it prompts you to a TIP screen with no other subject on the screen.

Because uber started out making customers believe tips were included and not necessary.

I suggest have some 1’s and 5’s set out to look like you get cash tips.

I’m not trying to be a complainer it’s just you tip taxi drivers, hair dressers, waiters, concierge , bar tenders etc

Maybe they should consider rewording tip tip feature to like suggested gratuity 20% and not included with fare.

Having cash on hand is an archaic thing for a new generation.

even then I didn’t carry cash unless I got it in tips, so maybe a couple of singles a couple times a week if that. And I haven’t used Uber/Lyft as a pax in over a year. I started using Lyft as a pax even then due to in-app tipping and I hated Uber at the time

Which is why they have a tip option in the app for that generation.

I drove in DC, put a few singles and maybe a five dollar bill folded and sticking out of your visor at the start of your day. This kinda jogs the customer’s memory…my tips have increased.

Am I the only one that has seen Uber teach their riders to not tip? I guess I’m the only one that’s not new here. Uber has said in the past that there is no need to tip. Most of my passengers had said “I thought tipping was included”. If you’re expecting tips than you’re on the wrong platform. If you’re angry at the passengers for not tipping than you’re angry with the wrong people.

The uber eats right in the wording still says tipping isn’t necessary

The culture for no tipping has already been instilled into the client. Get used to it. It looks like you may be a new driver. Just keep servicing and all you can hope is that tips will come along.

We don’t have eats here… I don’t look forward to tips but it is a nice feeling. I agree people saying about tipping other services. I really think that pax thing we get the full amount

I tend to get more tips during the holidays. From Thanksgiving to New Years I would make at least 140 per night plus 40-60 in tips. In recent months before I took my hiatus from driving (tired needed a break) I was hardly getting 2.00 to 5.00 in tips per night. Seems to happen in cycles.

Holidays are when I find pax to be the stingiest :joy:

Maybe…I just talk to them and embarrassingly talk about things I find funny about my son or things I find in common with them. Real good tip happens when I can get them talking about themselves. Trip goes by fast and they are surprised when we get to the destination

why is everyone worried about tips? I never understood drivers worrying about tips.