I now am familiar with our requirements to take animals

I drive in CA. I don’t think that matters. We are only allowed to ask…“Is that a Service Animal?” and…“What function does it perform?”. So, in other words, anyone can just say “Yes” and “Emotional Support”. Why even bother? Basically, we need to let everyone in with animals (Dogs). Yesterday, I had a young “Fella” get in, having his Dog jump in before I could even ask. He said it was an emotional support Dog. This is putting an emotional support dog ahead of the livelihood of a working person. People will rate you less than 5 stars (a failing grade) for dog hair on car seats. Thanks Fella. You were such a cute little Fella. You did not seem like you needed emotional support to me, as you came out of Nordstrom’s with your dog and a shopping bag. Thanks a lot. Naturally, I had to pull over and stop after the ride to try and get the white dog hairs our of the back seat.

I carry a blanket to put on my seats before I allow an animal into my vehicle.
Also, my doors are locked until I verify the name on the app. This enables me to keep control of if & when I allow someone to get into my vehicle. So, before I unlock my doors to a pet owner, I tell them, I’m going to get my blanket to put onto my seats. Please wait before allowing your dog to get in. Then I get the blanket, and unlock the door to spread out the blanket and let them in.

I find doggy toenails and my leather seats are NOT compatible. The dog hair is the least of my problems. But I do carry a “lint roller” in my “clean up kit” for just such emergencies.

exactly but you still don’t get to deny them. Uber & Lyft will believe the passenger, and not the driver.
The passenger says it’s a service animal, then 5lb fluffy is a service animal.
So, we must take whatever precautions we can to protect our vehicles.

The available Uber policy only said what we can ask. How do we know what you said is true? Would we risk our Driver Privilege if we objected to an emotional support Dog? Uber’s site clearlt states we can be permanently deactivated.

perhaps re read your policy… You can NOT deny riders a ride if they have a service animal… A service animal is defined specific task… An emotional “support” animal DOES NOT meet the criteria of being a service animal and therefore can legally be denied a ride…

In this case, the original poster failed to understand the verbatim…

but I don’t think anyone’s required to go into detail about THEIR condition, but the task has to be clear and defined, and emotional support animals are in a completely different category than service dogs. They have different rights, too

if you see a cute and little dog then keep driving and don’t stop.:slight_smile: Emotional support dogs are not service animals

They don’t need them. I stand by this statement because Monday through Friday when people go to work. I never see people with their dumbass little teeny emotional support dogs. They don’t take these fake emotional support dogs to work. So they can go to hell what their pretend issues

Small dogs CAN be service dogs though. You can’t deny a rider just because their dog is small. Medical alert dogs can be any size. It’s large breeds for mobility and guidework. If someone says their animal is for emotional support, it is NOT a service dog. I drive and i have a 75# service dog that rides shotgun. If i get in anyone else’s vehicle, i tell them she is for migraine alert. Migraines lead to seizures for me so taking my meds is super important. My dog lets me know so i can take my meds. The rider is not required to disclose what their disability is, but they must list atleast 1 task. A job the dog does to mitigate their disability. Picking things up, mobility, guidework, blocking and crowd maneuvering, seizure alert, even saying medical alert is enough. BUT legally you are allowed to remove them from the vehicle even if they are a service dog if it’s aggressive and barking nonstop or peeing and pooping in the vehicle. Most service dogs are held to a higher standard of grooming as well as behavior. My dog is groomed before i leave the house. Every time. Bathed twice a month. A little dog fur in your car is a small inconvenience to you. To a disabled person, not having their service animal is far more than an inconvenience.

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I am calling BS on all this “emotional support animal” crap. Jesus Christ people, take a freaking Xanax or something. Do you really need a damn dog to help you cope with life? What are you gonna do when that dog dies? Do you then get a “emotional-grievance support/emotional support” dog to help you get over the “emotional support” dog that you just lost? Sorry… my rant for the day.

Take a chance and lose your job if you want to, go to AutoZone and get a backseat cover and some lint brushes from Walmart. It’s not worth losing all the money over a few hairs. And I hate them shits in my car.

It was a little distasteful stating that you couldn’t tell why this person needed one watching him shop. He could be suffering from depression and shopping makes him feel a lot better. It’s an emotional support dog and emotions are not visible

oh then that definitely was an emotional dog, I read that service dogs are trained not to jump around. Oh I feel you and actually this is on the rise that people are falsely claiming that they need an emotional support dog that’s just so they can bring their dog any and everywhere. And I don’t like that. I think it’s completely unfair that I have to eat at restaurants with peoples animals next to me. I love dogs but I don’t want him near me in my car. It’s disgusting.

Emotional support dogs cant even go shopping with their handler so it’s a moot point. Emotional support animals do not have public access rights. They aren’t allowed in public. And service dogs are trained to load up. My girl waits until given her command, and then jumps in the vehicle and settles on the floorboard. And also, it’s incredibly rude to assume someone is fine just because you can’t see their disability. One of the requirements for an emotional support animal is to be disabled. Alot of people who’s lives are made harder by taking a dog everywhere opt for ESAs, so that they can still bypass the breed bans in apartments, but aren’t required to face the public every second and deal with the harassment.

There a lots of veterans and special need kids that have pets that provide emotional support to their owner, and is not a small thing for them. I know because I work with special need kids.

That is such an ableist comment. Jesus Christ. It’s not the animals that have rights, its their disabled handlers who need their dog. Uber and lyft drivers have rights if they’d read the rules and follow them.

I am respectful of veterans and/or handicapped people. But there are too many emotional cripples trying to pass off their pets as “service animals”. Members of PETA and groups like that protest for animal rights. No one cares about the rights of uber and Lyft drivers. I believe in animal rights. They have the right to be seasoned. :slight_smile: I love animals because they taste delicious.

You have no idea the ADA laws clearly, especially by your donkey comment. I encourage you to educate yourself and know your rights


Ur not allowed to speed either but people do it. None of my pax ever had a problem with me asking what’s the dog for. I’ve also never refused an animal. Only 5 dogs in 2000 rides

You made the right decision. I would of done same as you. I have cheap seat covers in my car. A lint roller in my trunk so no big deal to me. Not worth risk getting deactivated