I notice on a daily basis drivers complaining about how other drivers choose to treat their passengers

So since I’m sitting here with nothing else to do, I’m going to be a driver that complains about OTHER drivers complaining about other drivers. :joy:

Why does it infuriate you so much if someone else prefers to provide candy and water to THEIR passengers?! Lol I swear, I see at least 5 posts a day of people complaining or calling other people stupid for “doing too much” for their passengers. If it’s not taking any money out of your pockets, why are you so mad? Lol Now I don’t do the candy thing personally, but holy shit! Thanks to these groups, I know if I ever decided to, a group of angry drivers would start charging at me with pitchforks. lol Lighten up people. Geeez

But it can take money out of other drivers pockets. They should make more of an effort if they don’t want that to happen. UZURV

I agree it can take money out of their pockets unless they believe it’s increasing their tips. But I try not to worry too much about what other people do, as long as it makes them happy and didn’t negatively effect me or the passengers. That’s my only point. 🤷

If enough people provide that, then it sets an expectation that they should be provided

It sets a standard, and not a bad one in my opinion. I’m always telling my pax, if you don’t make an effort, you’re just another cab driver.

This is RIDEshare not SNACKshare.
I don’t want to give anyone ammunition to make a mess in my car. No open food is allowed and only cups with proper lids.
My “effort” is in providing a CLEAN car SAFE ride and a PLEASANT attitude.

^^ What a total of $8 a month! That’s all I spend all month on supplies. All the riders usually only take the mints and the gum. I’m still on the same 8pk of water from 3weeks ago. It’s more or less a nice prop type thing and welcoming!!

Same thing here Lisa, since the weather has cooled I’ve had the same 8 bottles of water in my car for awhile now.

EXACTLY… it’s not as if people are dropping 3 bills on stuff… make it sound as if we’re buying pallets of stuff at costco or something…

I spent 6 bucks at Wal-Mart for a large bag of lifesaver mints 2 months ago, still have half the bag. The water costs me about 4 bucks and has lasted an entire month before, the cooler the weather the less people take.

Honestly whose business is it to judge other drivers and how they choose to run their business? If they are upset about it who really cares, I am getting my money the way I choose to. #mindyourownbusiness

Add all the candy you want, you’re still driving a 7 year old Corolla with 120,000 miles on it.

Because then riders expect to be treated with a certain level of respect and they are too lazy / unmotivated to treat their own riders that way?

I could care less what another driver provides. I decided after so many drives to discontinue offering water. I found most paxs did not take or those who did took extra or would leave the opened bottles in my car. It’s about me and what I find acceptable in my car not yours. If you want to put lights, waters, soda, candies, etc. do you. Do I feel it sets a pax expectation? Don’t know nor don’t care. I am not in the minds of paxs. I stay in my lane and drive. I do see the hate comments about those providing items for their paxs I am not one to leave negative feedback on how someone does their business.

That’s how I am. I don’t offer anything other than a clean car and phone chargers, but that’s only because I really don’t like the attention I get when I give them too much stuff. May not be the best job for me because I am somewhat shy but my ratings are good and passengers are happy.

I would offer more and give a fun ride if I was more outgoing. To those who do it and get bigger tips from it, I salute their effort and hope to someday work to that point

My first 100 rides were kind of awkward having strangers in my car. But I’ve since learned how to engage in simple but lightening conversations! Definitely NO politics even if they are in your same understanding ( I stay away form that ) by just shaking my head in agreement on whatever they say :joy:, I stay away from drug talk too, you never know who your picking up, a undercover officer…I stay away from how much money I make doing this, I just answer it isn’t great but not bad. Don’t ever say you make pretty good money, that’s usually a no tip trip then, :joy:…just hav fun with them! They always want to talk about themselves and their lives, let them carry on! As the old country song says…I wannna talk about Me, My I…:joy: lets roll!

Exactly right. Good advice. AND if you tell them you make good money you might just have talked them unto trying to sign up. Dont get me wrong-im not trying to be greedy- just trying to make a living in a market that’s saturated with drivers already.

On that note - I do wonder if there is a correlation between those who tend to be crabby on facebook and how they are in person and their ratings as drivers. I also wonder if that is connected to the people who complain about the high number of cancellations they get.

The only time people ever cancel on me is if I’ve given a ride more than 10 minutes away and they don’t want to wait. Or I screw up and miss a turn in the city which could add 5+ minutes to pick them up because of traffic and crazy one-way streets. Almost all of my cancellations have come either immediately when they see the time away, or shortly after I miss a turn and end up heading in the wrong direction away from them. I don’t recall a time when I’ve been heading in the right direction and given a ride < 5 minutes away and they cancelled on me.

Same here. When I see some of the complaining posts, i can’t help but assume that it’s their bad attitudes that are the cause of lack of tips and low ratings. And it’s crazy how some of these people admit to talking so rudely to their passengers! I’m suprised they haven’t been deactivated.
This is a customer service gig. I always tell people, if you’re not a people person, I don’t know why you would ever want to do this type of work. You have to deal with them all day. It’s not for everybody.

I have totally wondered the same thing! Some of the posts in these groups are so nasty!

But then I realized there are people who want nothing more than to scare newbies like me away from driving to protect the market. I have to hope they are only nasty on here, for that reason, and should I ever get in their car, their true sunny personalities are shining! :slight_smile: