I just dropped off a passenger for her daily (?) urine drug test at local hospital

She was on her phone talking about how she cheats the test by bringing in a someone else’s urine in a container she keeps in her bra so it’s warm. But she was so high she kept passing out mid-sentence. While complaining about how costly cocaine is! During one of her little “naps,” I got spooked and took some pics and videos.

She needs to empty her bladder, and then use a catheter to inject her friends urine into her own bladder. She will pass the test and not have to sneak in the evidence.

Since I don’t have a dash cam, I thought a photo is worth a thousand words. A video, a million.

Why would you tell on her lol. She’s the one messing up her life why would you get involved? It doesn’t effect you in anyway?? I never understand ppl who get involved in issues that have absolutely nothing to effect them in anyway.

It does effect you. In many ways. I will never understand people who think that a drugged up person doesn’t effect them! If you would like the list of ways it hurts our society, I would be glad to post them but the biggest is being a driving with drugged out people driving should be enough to scare you but you live in your bubbled world until it hits you and your family.

No. what I said was that people on drugs effects EVERYONE. They may not be your family but they are using your money. Healthcare, legal fees, police, paramedics, housing them, Narcan. Who do you thinks pays for that? We do! So stopping one may not seem like a lot but put them with your family members and see if that’s ok with you!

What is up with ppl who think it’s their money. Yes we all pay taxes but that money will always be spent somewhere anyways. You telling on someone is not going to save you tax money at all lol, you will still pay the same amount of taxes. Stop trying to save the world and stay in your own lane, stop trying to jump in other ppls cars :ok_hand:. What does my family members have to do with going out of your way to make someone lose a job or tell on them lol. Facebook, what a wonderful place filled with the smartest ppl you can meet.

I was raised with a sense of right and wrong. To ignore her is wrong. I’m glad she wasn’t in my car because she would have weighed heavily on my heart. Because you and I know that even if I tried to help most likely no one would care. You see it from all these texts. IMHO

yes NOYB !!! You are a driver, not the town crier. Get paid, rinse, repeat…or whatever he says…

Unless they are using me to run dope or rob a bank… it aint none of my business. And most of the time, I don’t know it any way. Drive, like he said.

Mind your business, make your money. Life has a way of catching up to people, don’t get involved in her bad karma

If she died after getting police may have questions the pictures help protect you. It is your personal vehicle and just post that they are being recorded will in your vehicle. I personally i think what is wrong with world is that everyone is concern when it directly involves them. ? Where is she getting the money for coke? Shoplifting? Hooking?..

I have met functioning addicts that work hard and take care of their life but they do unfortunately spend some money on drugs. Don’t just lump someone into a category because they do some type of drug. Don’t you assume things about people!!! They could have been taking a piss test for a new job and your going to not get them the job then boom now they need to steal and rob because of YOU…

Were we still on this? You do the coke freaks, I’ll turn them in so they know my ass doesn’t think it’s ok! Ok? Seriously move on.

When did giving rides become detective work? Like who cares who does what as long as you get paid and you aren’t breaking laws.

I thought " all you could say was KARMA "… BUT here u are still running ur mouth & NOT minding ur own business. Lol

Your job is to take rider from point A to point B. You are not law enforcement and taking pics or recording a rider w/o dual party notice… isn’t that breaking the law not to mention if you upload the photos/videos; you wld be violating TOS?

your worried about laws when this person is blatantly cheating on urinalysis test? Im Betting that tax payers are paying for these tests that she fails and gets away with doing drugs.

obviously shes guilty if shes taking a weekly drug tests. Avg people just dont go take a drug test weekly for fun. She’s either doing it by law due to a conviction or for work.

I love how people say it’s none of their business, until they find out she’s a dealer and sold drugs to their kids and their kids overdosed because she sold bad shit