I have recently become disabled due to surgical error. Do people ever expect you to pick up things?

And I really cannot walk. But I found that I could drive without any pain or hardship. Do passengers ever expect you to jump out of the car and help them load things like at the airport like luggage? Because I’m not going to be able to do that and once they see the way I walk around the back of the car they probably will run away. I’m extremely conscientious and safe driver and there is nothing for them to worry about my driving and I keep a cane in the front seat with me and it has been commented on. But the question again is do people ever expect you to pick up things and put them in the car or do you just stay in your seat and let them do whatever they need to do unlike a taxi driver who might get out and help.

I believe if u get in touch with uber and let them know of your situation, when someone does a request for a driver, the pax can see your limitations …so they would know you would not be able to help them in that respect, but still are to bring them to their destination.

If you have a disability plate I’d assume people are totally understanding and if not fuck them.

I have seen very strong men not getting out of their cars to put it take out luggage… like James said F them

Ya just tell them you’re disabled when you have any rides like that. Your job is to drive from a to b safely. Don’t worry bout what they think and just do you.

I help to make sure they don’t damage my trunk. I’ve done over 1550 users. 1013 lyfts

And right there is the biggest reason for me helping them. Tips are nice but it’s not their car so they usually could care less if the dying it all up. Had a packed trunk and this guy kept saying that this other bag would fit in there. Only if you crammed it and maybe borked my trunk lid. Told him no is not going to fit, and I’m not going to try.

There’s a paralyzed man in my town who does uber. His truck bed has crane type thing to put him in his wheel chair.

Anyone that is able should but if you cant people will understand. Then we have the lazy that think there just drivers. To each there own.

I was at the airport and a Uber driver in front of me with window down … didn’t even POP the trunk, girl had to look to find how to open and find a place to put it. I thought quite rude, him not popping it open from the inside. Was not worried he didn’t help put it in. But an ass for not opening it from the car. She was pissed slammed trunk … he’ll not get a tip

Was it a sedan/hatchback or more like a crossover or SUV?

I have a crossover and there’s no trunk release from inside the car. Sometimes I’ll open the trunk for them but it’s pretty simple so usually I leave that up to them

They do sometimes. But if you explain you cant due to disability then they should be understanding. Its not a requirement.

I am also partially disabled, no balance so I have gotten out twice is all to show a woman how to open hatch. At the Lyft meeting that I went to, I specifically asked about that and they said there was no reason you had to get out of the vehicle. Hopefully Uber feels the same.

Be honest with pax on why you don’t get out. As a rider, if I have luggage, I wait for the driver to get out because I don’t want to take the chance of damaging their vehicle. Traveling with my daughter with a folding wheelchair I’ve had a couple of awkward moments. Once where I waited for a driver to lift the chair in (because as a driver I wouldn’t want someone else loading it into my car) but he was expecting me to lift it and second when my driver was disabled but he still insisted on lifting it. I would have totally understood if he hadn’t gotten out. If you provide access to your trunk, I think most pax would be fine with you not getting out.

They do expect it sometimes but F’ em, they’re paying for a ride not a chauffeur/bellman. The only reason I ever jump out of the car to open the back for them is because they always seem to take forever to find the latch to open it themselves.

I just now realized perhaps I should put a sticker :thinking:

If its surgical error, you should be able to sue for enough money to live comfortably. That’s what malpractice insurance is for.

Very few passengers in your lifetime would be judge mental of your disability. Drive, enjoy what you do and if you have to get out, you’ll likely get more tips because of your injury.

I have a 7 passenger SUV. If I don’t get out to move the seats so they can get in the car back, they’ll never figure it out. I can’t pop my trunk from the inside even if I wanted to.

With Uber, you can add the information to your profile. That’s the perfect place to put that you’ve got some limitations.

Problem is they hardly ever scroll down the profile page. Look at it long enough to see you and what kind of car. I know this because I specifically have things under that page to help them out because the car doesn’t have a standard grill. And they never read it

I. An amputee. But I have no problem. I think if you roll down your window as they approach your car and let them know I think it will be all cool.