I have noticed a increasing portrayal of entitlement amongst Passengers

Ok.after receiving my weekly
Who dislikes me review.i would like to address a issue I am having. After taking a break from ride share to work full timeNow I’m not gonna blame ride-sharing​. Rather I am laying blame on the driver’s , yes the same drivers who exert superhero abilities to open doors at the speed of light. Offering 30 dollars worth of water for a 3.00 fare .Hey look at I have 15 tablets in my car and nfl network for the 10 minute ride you are taking. Ask yourself when was the last time a cab driver gave a damn what you thought about them. As drivers we have gotten away from the point of making money by transporting people from a to b. We win when the money leaves ubers bank account and hits your bank account.so if you are offended by what I said you are the problem Mr and Mrs rideshare driver do your job stop coddling these ungrateful passengers who will just as soon have you deactivated with a false claims because they don’t see this as a job. And if you can’t come up with a more original or intelligent argument other then if I don’t like it quit. Keep it to yourself because you obviously missed the point of this post .

The point of the post is your inability to think critically by looking at the big picture. Drivers do this stuff because it so hard to make a living wage. Your beef is with Uber, fool.

what the hell does, "drivers do this stuff to make a living wage"mean?

Offering water, candy or other amenities doesn’t mean Uber will send more rides your way, or that you will make more per ride.

Maybe you get a tip? Not in my experience.

So what is the point of your argument here?

Dilly, dilly! I stand with Juan! Desparate drivers raise rider expectations to unreasonable levels! Be sober, be (or at least act) sane, be respectful and safely get your passengers to their destination and then STFU with the rest of this horseshit. You people willing to work for free are like a disease coursing through the driver community!

Which, by the way, is exactly how (and why) every single real taxi driver feels about uber drivers. We not only took their jobs, we lowered the median income of an industry to poverty level.

It is about the money. Tips are earned. Some will try harder than others to earn those tips.

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Yes, the point is you are butt hurt. I read your post. You post the obvious. I’m more surprised it took you this long to figure it out, mr. 6,500 rides!

Hahaha butt hurt I get it you disagree with me in blaming drivers. Would it make you feel better if I just blamed rideshare instead?

yes I made the post just like every other driver who comes on here and complains

I could care less what other drivers are doing in their own car. It’s really none of my biz.

That’s your first mistake, Mr. Remeikis. What other drivers do indirectly and directly affects your business. So really, anything else you try to posit would then of course also be wrong because it would all be built on a false premise.

The only thing that offends me is the stereotyping of all of the pax as coddled and ungrateful. I have only met a few that I didn’t like, and I certainly would not let that jade my thoughts and attitude towards all of them.

I’m a 4.97 with almost 2K 5 star rides . I haven’t had less than a 5 star review in over 2 months ( I can prove it ) . Not one single review . I drive both Select , and Uber X . I have a Nice car . I come from a customer service background and I am very courteous and polite . I offer great conversation and it’s not my fault that I’m this damn handsome lol .
I do not offer water , snacks , anything except the above and my reviews are absolute perfection. In the other hand I don’t come across to many rude customers , except for the occasional foreigner who doesn’t think picking their nose right next to you is rude in their culture , nor does smelling like BO . That doesn’t stop me from providing excellent service .
It’s my business and I conduct myself the way I want . That’s he whole point of this job . I don’t take crap from you or anyone . To each their own , whatever works for you . But if you are getting low ratings and low tips
Then I’m pretty sure it’s more than the lack of a bottle of water . You just don’t have good people skills .

this post is a response to a false accusation levied against me which occurred this week . Long story short dash cam video showed the allegation to be false . But this didn’t stop Lyft from posting negative comments and reminding me how safety is a priority. I don’t post how much I make in tips or any of those other look at me posts …I was angry when I posted it and I don’t apologize for what I said

I understand you are suggesting that each driver has a right to do things however they want to do them. I actually agree with that completely. That right exists 100% for certain. BUT, when they use that right to do stupid things within an industry, it affects everybody in the industry. Most of these stupid arguments in this place are like this. One person argues something then the next person argues something related but not connected. These two things are not connected. yes, a person has a right to be as stupid as they want to be, but yes also, when they do stupid shit, they’re not doing it in a bubble, it effects the entire industry.

PS, congratulations on being the kind of driver that you just described. In my view, that’s exactly how you do that.

ok . I don’t know about all that , and I don’t have any problems wjth your post or opinion . I just wanted to share my opinion and experiences

You’re saying that drivers have a right to do whatever they want in response to a person in the OP saying that when a driver does stupid things it effects the industry. I responded to you, because you responded to him. That’s why I said that the two things were not connected. Other people in this thread seem to be arguing that everybody should “mind their own business.” I’m saying that when drivers do stupid things out there, it actually, literally is my business, it effects me. That’s not an opinion and it’s not an argument, it’s just the way it is.

Lyft Has no use nor do they have any desire, to look at things in the whole, the only thing that concerns them is whether or not the rider is happy or not!

Save your money and don’t buy water etc. Stick to doing rides. Revenue is based on volume. Water does not increase volume off rides. It’s ride by ride. The more rides the more money you make.

Good point. The wits that outfit their vehicle like they brag about, simply entitle riders to demand from all!

“$30 worth of water” is ten cases.
WtF are you talking about?