I have no idea why i received this today: A MESSAGE FROM UBER

During a routine account review, we discovered that you have received multiple reports of problematic behavior. Therefore, we are deactivating your account effective immediately.

This was not a swift decision. We expect all who use Uber to be respectful and follow the law while using Uber, as outlined in our Community Guidelines.

While we understand this news may be upsetting, our decision is final.

I treat all people with kindness and respect. I have had customers get irritated when they want to drink or smoke weed in my vehicle as i do not allow them to. I do have a dash cam that records both ways. So i have no idea what caused this. My cancellation rate is 2% and it has been zero over the last couple of months. Driver rating is 4.78. Been doing this for almost 2 years. Many positive comments. I did have one girl over a year ago threaten me with sexual harassment if i did not allow her group of friends to drink in my vehicle. She was not the one who hailed the ride. This is very frustrating indeed. Not sure what to do next. I have sent them a response via the app and email. They are so quick to deactivate without even hearing the other side of the story. I have no idea what this even means.

Uber and Lyft are totalitarian regimes like North Korea. You’re guilty until proven innocent, except they won’t even give you a chance to prove your innocence. Have you considered litigation? There are ambulance chasers eager to sue Uber, and it won’t cost you a penny. In fact, you might get a nice settlement just to keep it of the press.

contact your local news and a attorney and then let uber know let’s make this famous

I love that idea, but it’s up to Joe. The danger of being famous is that all kinds of weirdoes can find out who you are, where you live, etc. But if there’s money to be made, maybe it’s worth it.

Contacting attorneys and the news etc… Won’t get you anywhere. A rider broke my DVD player in my truck and was going to cost $1000 to fix because the player had been discontinued. I showed documentation from three different places and uber gave me a $250 inconvenience fee and called it a day. I tried taking further action and couldn’t get any help. My dvd player is still broken

Haha, but it costs $1000 to replace a DVD player? With another old model? Like really? A $20 DVD player would be more state of the art than an old $1000 DVD model. You can’t get a replacement DVD player with the $250 fee and it’s still broken now? WTF? I don’t get it???

Defiantly not fake. Complete truth. It is the stock dvd player and she slammed the screen up. They’ve discontinued the dvd player thru the dealer so Woulds of had to pull mine out and ship it to be fixed. That’s what cost a $1000. So I went to the audio place here to get quote for after market and to buy the player and labor was $900 because the aux plug is connected to the stock player they would of had to re-route the aux somewhere else. I could actually send you everything but honestly you’re not worth my time. I was told by uber that for the rest of the repair I would have to go thru their insurance but the delectable is $1000. Which is why I call the bar 800 number that the local attorneys told me to call and it qualifies under property damage. So no one cared to take it.

I honestly don’t have to prove shit to you. But seeking a law suit would be hard for that. We are all guinea pigs For uber and lyft. They give zero fucks about the drivers that make them millions. These drunk riders are always right.

Wow, the guy is looking for some support and gets slaughtered by Amanda and jacob to name two. Remember guys, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones - you could get the same message next week. Little or no team on this page!! :rage:

4.78 is not a good rating for being a driver for over 2 years.

The rating should be closer to 4.90 or higher based on the amount of rides given.

Sorry no support here he is the driver I hear about from other Passengers.

a 4.78 means you DON’T tolerate people’s bullshit, and sometimes unfortunately, a bad Rider/Passenger can adversely impact the next Trip, or so because of the mood you’re in.

As soon as people become argumentative, they’re out, because I don’t need their bad attitude ruining my day.

Kind people can ride ALL day, but jerks can walk/wait for another Uber Partner/Lyft Driver.

I’m really sorry for you. Passengers know that their low ratings hurt you. I have I think of 4.90 but my Lyft rating is like kind of low and I’ve done nothing wrong to to get that writing so people were fickle and then a person loses their job it’s ridiculous

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I’m just gonna reply in predictive text so I can do it justice to the warehouse position in the middle Eastern standard envelope with the potential for the sake of getting a new people.

From my experian the company has bad judgment for rating they should not let this effect to driver …coz passenger won’t like u if u r not let them do what they want .
it’s just things to satisfy them but it’s not about safety and target destination why they think to down our grade …no one like grad coz it might take your jobs away with some ppl attitude…

Let’s only post good things and lie to him.

Discussion forum that’s only allowed to discuss lollipops :lollipop: and rainbows :rainbow:.

Not allowed to discuss any fact that could hurt his feelings.

That’s the reason so many issues can’t be fixed. Because people can’t own up to their part of the issue.

I get it. I wasn’t referring to your post. I was referring to the bickering of the other members. I have nothing against what you posted.

But this is a discussion forum and some members only wish to discuss what they see through their rose colored glasses.

Based on what you said it’s probably a pissed off passenger not being allowed to drink or smoke.

All the passengers have entitlement issues.

I’m sure uber will put you back online. It’s a bullshit email so they can tell the passenger disciplinary action has been taken.

The hub will put you back online. Uber needs drivers. Every driver they can get. They do this crap as a Pavlov technique to get drivers scared and back in line.

Uber is going to put you back online and tell you some BS about minding your manners. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

Don’t sweat it. They have no physical proof. It’s he said VS she said. Deny, deny, deny.

Tell uber straight out they’re lying because of the following reasons. The booze, the weed.

Tell uber they threatened you that they would get you deactivated if you didn’t let them drink in your car.

That’s the way to play. You’re the victim and they tried black mailing you. Neither party has any proof of what happened.

They’re going to tell you some BS how they’ll deactivate your account but will be monitoring it for future issues. It’s all a head game.

It has happened before as well. I try very hard to make everyone happy as you are getting in the vehicle with a complete stranger. Thank you for your comments.

The main culprit is those platforms always ytake the side of the riders no matter your rating. In my market people get deactivated daily for some trivial reasons.

I would be going to the hub on their asses. You’ve been driving for Uber 2 yrs and this the disrespect they gonna give. Oh hell no. I wouldn’t stand for this decision they would have to give me some answers immediately :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::rage::rage: