I had my first sketch ride scared the bejeeezus outta me

Went with that gut feeling! Gentleman was way out in the sticks no neighbors he asked me to park get out walk across a lil bridge because the road is dirt and gravel… county road…I said why he said I’m parapalegic u need to come help me get all my stuff in your car. I said do u have a caretaker he said no but keep driving you’re close…:flushed: how did he know that ? I was in the trees and bush !! My gut said throw it in reverse and have him cancel soon as I backed away it said rider canceled​:weary: creepy !! I wish I could explain just how far out he lived the silence was deafening when I rolled down my window.

Definitely cancel any time it doesn’t seem right, or even seems like it might be risky. Since pax cancelled, he must do this frequently, probably trying to lure only female drivers for who knows what sort of depravity. Glad u r safe!

Ummm, no. Sorry, if I have to stray more than 10 ft from my ride, I will be in a public place in daylight.

At night, ummm no. Sir you need to call a family member or 911 if it’s an emergency. But I’m not going through some sketchy stuff for $2.20 fare!

I once had a passenger with special needs I was notified by lyft before and after the pick so I definitely you did the right thing

Good for u. My third nigh driving here was New Years eve. I picked up this guy in town over by the Staybridge hotel. He took me why the hell out past Marian Anderson then up a few hills. It was so far out. I was at first not thinking anything. The further we went I was like my gosh how far do u live. He kept apologizing. He turned out to be ok. But I though after wow he could have tired anything

How did he know? The riders get a map of where you are on the way to pick you up. I track my drivers all the time in case they make the wrong turn. He probably cancelled because he had drivers like you who bail without helping him. He was probably explaining where he was and how to get to him because many before you get lost. There is a crisis line you could have called before you reached him.

Agreed, if he is telling the truth about the disability it could be considered discrimination, poor guy. Sounds like this has happened before. Do you have uber assist in your area?

Tnere is also uber assist where they come to door. And driver gets to keep more of fare for xtra work

I don’t know many paraplegics without a caretaker. Also, I’m not getting out and walking across some bridge behind some bushes to help him or anyone else with their stuff. That all in itself sounds sketchy. If I can’t be seen from the road, then no, I’m not endangering myself because I want to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

It is what it is. If he is disabled for any reason, he needs to left uber\lyft know . It’s not our responsibility to cater to medical issues . If you drop him he could get hurt and sue you . IF THAT’S EVEN THE REAL CASE HERE.

You need to call the incident response number if this was Uber or what ever Lyft’s equivalent is and report this to them. This way they have a record of this so if something happens in the future they will have a pattern of behavior

Sounds crazy. And he probably actually really needed the help. But I wouldn’t have been the one. I watch too much criminal minds

Sorry but I would have done the same thing, sounds veryy sketchy. And I don’t care whether he needed help or not, always go with your gut feeling! You know when something’s not right. Us females have to be extra careful doing this type of work, especially at night

Understand the creep factor. But to explain how he knew where you were the pax can track your vehicle till you arrive. It shows where your car is at on their end.

I would’ve bailed on that one, too. Besides, I’m not equipped for medical trans, and that’s what he needed.

Paraplegic normally means they have use of their arms, and many just need a little assistance, not a medical team. Not transporting him based on that is discrimination.

All passengers can see your location as you arrive. Maybe inform Lyft and find out if he’s legit …just in case he request again. You can let us know what Lyft says about his status maybe

Some of yall are are crazy to defend the pax the man told her he wouldn’t walk but yet you in the bushes and i must get out my car and walk lol what person in their right mind would do this all for 3. 00 dollars

I didn’t want to be heartless but the other day u got an XL ping when I got there it was a man in a wheelchair. He needed assistance getting in and out and to fold up his wheelchair and carry it in and out the trunk.

Sorry, I made the mistake of reading it as if you didn’t take the ride because of that. If you don’t take the rider because of that it’s often going to be discrimination.