I did my job by driving them to there location right so why is my account negative?

Ok maybe someone in the group can help me I drove a family from Carlisle Pa to Pigeon Forge Tn it took about 10hrs when I arrived I spoke to the mom and she asked nicely if I could close the app out like two blocks away at the subway restaurant so she can get her children something to eat and after take them to the hotel down the block so I agreed me not being from the area and all. So it took them about 30min to get there food and away we went to the hotel where she in turn gave a nice tip. So home back to Pa I went along my ride I decided to cash out $757.27 which the job paid but upon looking on the dashboard it said that I had $0.00 on my account so I was confused and called Uber support who told me that due to the amount of miles and duration of the trip it was under review now me I’m livid because I want my money but low and behold the next day the monies were being direct deposited in my account but what confused me is on Wednesday morning the money was in my personal account but on my Uber account it was negative $757.29 accompanied with a message from Uber support saying that they had to cancel the funds because of rider fraud but I was wondering if their was rider fraud what does that have to do with me. Please give me some feedback and any solutions if any

Ouch! Wish I could help. I’m curious to see how this plays out

welcome to the club. My club is 5 hours away but being that I make $300+ a day, I’m driving to the hub anytime I have problems.

Woah. That’s messed up. I am not big on telling people to get lawyers or trying to see what rights you have as a contractor. But I would explore any opportunities you can to get this situation resolved. Its not the drivers fault that someone signed up for Uber/Lyft and then requested a ride and you got it.

Screw the call center for Uber. Find out how to contact people at corporate.

You provided the service so you should get paid. After all its uber who pays you.

Wow I would be livid to …Uber should pay you and they get a lawyer she might have used a stolen card…let me know what happens…

If you have to pay back the money to get out of negative you didnt really get paid. You have a strong case to get your money. Uber gave you the call, you completed the call. If uber got beat, that’s on them. I’m not here to give advice to uber but they should never let some one open a account and charge such a expensive call. If the pax doesn’t have a history uber should have a way to go to the bank in question and get the phone number associated with the card. Or if they can’t do that turn down the call. It’s not fair what they did to you. If you can go public with this problem. Get their attention

I would be tagging the shit out of all the corporate people and investors online until I got an answer. Hell contact the media at this point. The media picks up stories on Passengers and reports them.

I don’t trust that many people but that is why I don’t depend on uber to be the only job I have.

10 hours? That should be a red flag from you, Uber and also the credit card company attached to that Rider’s Uber account.

We NEED a Uber union! At least a employment lawyer who can threaten with valid lawsuits if Uber keeps making us suffer for their mistakes! Uber should have a 2nd verification process for rides over a certain amount of hours. Some extra authorization to avoid this.

Do you have a dash cam? Proof of ride you need to go to your local hub office as this is not your problem it is ubers issue fight for your money it is not your fault if uber says its fraud Thats on them you did your job. Then tell them you will sue them if u don’t receive your money have receipts as well

1st of all…NEVER…EVER TURN OFF THE APP. Keep it running until the ride is complete. You are running a business. Don’t worry about the rider getting a discount. Also, should something ever happen to you, UBER can’t act like they didn’t know where you were as they are tracking you. If the app is off, no one will know where you are. Passengers being afraid they won’t have enough money to cover the ride is UBER’S problem, not yours. The passengers have the option to add a stop or 2 onto the existing ride. The driver app will notify you accordingly. As for notifying UBER…raise hell on the app when contacting support. Tag investors and anyone else prominent associated with UBER. Lastly…seek emails. Cc every single news outlet your mind can think of. Put the pressure on their asses until they do you right. It maybe a tedious and drawn out process, but if it’s important to you…do what needs to be done. Good luck.

I’ve had something similar happen to me during a 70 mile ride. Just keep arguing that you drove them the whole way and you didnt commit any fraud. Go to the hub.

Excuse my language…but do them with no vaseline, just like they are trying to do you. Stick’em real good.

Uber support is useless. I don’t know if I would have taken that trip.

Go to a hub. Present video evidence. Sadly it happens and it is up to you to prove they took the ride.

I think Uber is personally trying to discourage this rides to keep drivers from doing long trips. It’s a conspiracy theory of mine.

My thoughts are: they want to keep more drivers local so they make that sweet local cash. And they don’t want the media backlash when something goes wrong (driver gets into a bad accident trying to stay awake for too long, etc)

I had something similar happen. They reviewed it for a few days, then paid me. They are obligated to pay, UNLESS they determine that YOU are part of any fraud. So you will likely get the money, but keep pressing. If necessary, refer them to the terms of your agreement and ask for arbitration.