I decided to post this here because I'm sick at the way Uber will believe a rider over a driver

Without checking to see what happened. I drive in the Memphis market and Friday night I drove up to Nashville to test out the market there because there’s a big soccer game that’s taking place this weekend. So I get up there check in to my room and slept until noon Saturday and then headed out. On one of my last trips I got a couple of girls who was downtown and took them 20 miles to a house near Franklin, TN. On the way one of the girls tried to whisper to her friend so I couldn’t hear it “I don’t think I can pay for this Uber.” And her friend whispered back “Just complain about it, I do that all the time.” I should have canceled the trip then and told them to get out, but I took them on to their destination. I dropped them off and did the trip destination thing and got a guy leaving a Home Depot to a spot near my hotel. After that I called it a night. Sunday I got up and did a little sight seeing around and I really didn’t pay attention to my email or the driver app. Monday I got up and tried to go online and I can’t. I went to email Uber and I noticed that I already had a message from them. Undoubtedly this girl complained that I was too sleepy to drive. I was fully awake and you think Uber would have seen that I was able to drop off another passenger after that. They turned my account back on yesterday morning, but this still annoys me, they have technology in the app that tells them when we’re speeding or braking too hard…

He got waitlisted and when ever you have a issue like this, it’s best for you to file a report first therefore Uber has it on record.

FYI I’m going to that soccer match. It’s going to be fun. So, one Uber driver not working lol

I’ve had that happen and have tried incessantly to explain to Uber what actually happened. They didn’t want to hear it. They don’t care even though it drops your rating which I try so hard to keep a good rating. Only thing you can do is report any incident no matter how small as soon as it happens. Of course this cost you valuable driving time but at least you keep a good rating and continue to get rides.

Not cool at all. Customers don’t realize the harm they cause when they do that dumb shit. You’re messing with someone’s livelihood. Smh

I had this happen to me on Monday. Uber should do an investigation on riders and see if they have a pattern of rating drivers low or complaints on different drivers then deactivate the rider not the drivers…It’s very unfair.

I received my first 1⭐ rating Monday. I can not think of anything that would of caused this rating. Everyone was really great and in awesome moods. Now I might have to rethink why they did it. It was driving me crazy.

I wouldn’t bother. Some people are just jerks. I’d brush it off. If you keep getting low scores, then maybe reevaluate what you’re doing.

I know, I have always tried to figure out why I got a 4 :star:. But when I got a 1 and have read everything here I have realized it isn’t me. Now um thinking of getting a camera. But thank you. I agree they can be jerks. Now I’m seeing it as a con. To get a free trip etc.

your rating will drop with 1 bad rating. But won’t go up with several 5*. That much I don’t understand.

Read up sometime on the difference between averages and medians. Say that your first ride is a 5 giving you an obvious score of 5. Your second ride scores one for total of 6 out of 10 possible points. Third ride is a 5 for a total of 11 out of 15 possible points, or 73%.

The game is, get in your 500 rides and let the lower scores fall out.

I’m thinking very strongly of asking departing passengers to complete an anonymous survey on line. As in, what could the driver have done to make it a better experience.

I have 3 ratings of 1 star in 3 weeks so stopped pool pickups all togather tge 1 star scam is getting of hand

In my general exp, Nashville pax have been very nice, don’t think we can blame the entire market

Dash cam buddy. Get a dash cam. Once you drop the “I have the footage to prove it” on them, they change their tune very fast.

How come ever post like this, it is always the pax fault? At what point do drivers take responsibility?

We don’t know it’s not his fault, just cause he says it is? He could have been yawning the whole time, all we do know is someone complained on him and he got a time out. It’s easy to say the pax said this or that but no proof doesn’t mean he is correct.

that flyer has been around for 2 years. Same as there are bad drivers as well, still doesn’t mean this guy isn’t lying.

I’ve had riders try pull fast ones on me like this. That’s why I’m glad I have a dash cam. Saves my ass, and that why I suggested he get one.

I would take responsibility if it really had happened but Uber should have know this was fake because how would I have been able to take another person 9 miles to their destination if I had been to sleepy to transport her. And before you say it was my last trip that complained I know it was her because her fare disappeared then reappeared after their investigation…

I really hate to say this because I don’t mean any malice but you deserve what you got when you heard the passenger say that should’ve pulled over to a safe spot drop them off canceled the ride and emailed or called Uber immediately