I decided to post this here because I'm sick at the way Uber will believe a rider over a driver


(Graham Sandy) #21

You are so right, I wish you would’ve cancelled on their bitch asses and left them on the damn side of the road, preferably a freeway. If you hear something like that, take this as a note, just cut your losses and give them a free drop off at the nearest place you can pull over.

(Mathew Boolean) #22

I’m not taking Ubers side in this. But I do know they can monitor your driving habits. So maybe they are also using that to make this decision.

(Trish Richardson) #23

That’s what I said in the original post, and also they would have seen that I did another trip after I dropped her off that didn’t complain…

(Lance Rodriguez) #24

Well Uber automatically puts a hold on the riders funds before booking the ride …so maybe you need more caffiene.

(Melinda Foster) #25

Not on all cards, I have a card that it charges before hand but I also have a card that it doesn’t charge until the driver ends the ride. And if I needed more caffeine how was I able to drive for 8 more miles on a trip after that?

(Bector Ernest) #26

Because Amber doesn’t care they’re going to get their money no matter what that’s why they can’t even give us a phone number to call or anybody to call for that matter. They know they get applications every day for people to Dr that’s why they don’t have to care they don’t have to provide customer service they just collect the money. That’s why there a 50 billion dollar company and we’re making $5 a ride

(Kelly Hector) #27

i know that sucks but actually uber is following the rules the agreed to with each state they must make sure your operating safe