I‘d love to read some of your driver/rider stories where you had a rude, drunk, aggressive, strange passenger, and even may have kicked the rider out!

I’m nearing 2000 rides. I’m holding on strongly to a 4.92 rating with close to 200 compliments. I’ve never had to kick a rider out of my car until recently. I’m a pretty patient person. But this particular night, Thursday night - before I was taking off for a 3 day weekend to relax and have some fun. Dropped someone off at the Ritz Carlton, and felt I was done for the evening. But I forgot to turn off the app. I received another request, so I had to pick up the rider. Upon arrival, the passenger approaches my vehicle, and I offer as always, “You‘re welcome to sit up front”! He responds in a rude, aggressive tone! “I prefer the back”! Which is fine I get it; not all customers want to sit up front. But he then entered the vehicle with, “While you’re at it, Lose the radio“! In more tone that I don’t feel is appropriate for rider/driver! So I quickly shut off the radio, and I’m thinking this is NOT how I’m wanting to end my night let alone start my long weekend of relaxing and fun! As he starts to demand ”This is where You are taking me”! I said “actually I’m not taking you! The rides over”! He shockingly questions, “I don’t understand”! I said “You’ll have to find another ride, I’m not taking you. Rides Over!” He sits there for a bit and asks, “Why”? I said, “I don’t need your attitude, or your fare - so this ride is over!“ He pleads in a much more pleasant tone, “But we haven’t gone anywhere”! I quickly answer, ”And WE’RE not! You’ll have to find another ride”! As shocked as he was, still not getting it - he says “This has never happened to me”! Which I replied, “well there’s a first time for everything, I’ve never kicked anyone out of my car either. Have a great day! Because your attitude and demands won’t fly here in my car or with many other drivers in my opinion!”

I‘ve had a person break something in my car that cost well over $1200 to fix, and also had a person get sick in my car also - neither of whom did I kick out.

Let’s read‘em!

Congrats to you Sir for stopping the foolishness straight out the gate. Had you taken him, you would have had to endure even more AND receive a bad rating? Nope. Amazing how the attitude flips when the kick out is certain. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Excellent way to handle this situation…I’ve had good and bad pax…had to speak in my mom voice and had to coddle some childish behavior to make it to the destination but I love how you respectfully noped out of a bad situation and hopefully that individual took note to the lesson.

Last ride of the night. Get to house where the pin is set. Wait 4 min and call pax. Says he’s at bar just down the road. Get to bar and wait 3 mins and call again (I am very patient with drunks) with attitude he says he be right out. He comes out and gets in back and his 1st words were “I’m pissed off” I reach over and cancel the ride. “You here that noise? That’s the sound of your ass walking home.” He wasn’t happy and stormed out of my car. This was the only time I ever booted anybody

Just one time when she cancel the ride 1 minute after it started she refused too get out and we sat there for 30 minutes

I had a rider request, I go to pick her up. Been to the house before! Crazy drunk cat lady! I wait the 4 minutes, and call. She answers, “where are you? I’m at the grocery store!” Well I’m at your house. She says come get me! So I go to pick her up! And just before I get to where she requested being picked up the second time! She cancels! I called Uber and they paid me! I also told Uber not to pair me with her again, which they said they’ll try not to!

Why do you allow single riders to sit in the front? I keep the front door locked, push the seat all the way up and don’t open that window more than a couple inches. And I usually have an umbrella and/or jacket on the front seat. And some douche bag riders occasionally want to sit in the front. I have no idea why. I get paid to take riders from point A to point B in a timely and efficient manner. It isn’t a date. I am not getting paid to let drunken strangers ride shotgun. I only allow riders in the front if it is a party of three or four. I don’t care if the rider wants to sit in the front. If they wanted to take the wheel would you let them? Riders in the backseat is better for conversation. That way I don’t have to be in it. I am joking, of course. I have no idea why riders want to sit in the front and why drivers let them. It is my car, my life and my prerogative. I’m the quarterback and I call the plays.

Am at over 7000 rides with a 4.8 rating trust me rating doesn’t mean anything, Uber won’t pay you more for 5.0 than a 4.1 passangers won’t tip you more. If someone wants to get a $5 credit they complain about your rate just to get a credit

I firmly believe passengers treat you worse, the badder your ratings get. I can’t prove it but it’s my experience and many customers agree.

But the Uber really care the fucking rating if it drop to 4.3 or I don’t know something like that they deactivated ur account

I been to 4.1 and the complains I show them the video of the ride and that I said hi, how are, drove and say have a nice day. Car clean but they still complain and when they get the video they remove the bad ratings. Do they care no! They just care about their booking fee, and 25% you make them plus Uber pool oh they make so much money with us taking those rides and only paying you for the mile regardless of how many ppl you take

I have given over 4,000 rides and have kicked out only one rider. I asked her name at least five times and she did not answer. She spoke English and did not have a hearing issue. Then she said I had an attitude and she thought I was speaking with her children. Why would I try to converse with her bastards when there was a line of cars behind us honking away? I complained about her to uber because I knew she was going to complain about me. She is one of only four riders I have complained about. Two were in Bayonne, NJ, the attitude capital of America.

What’s the best way to let pax know that your making the minimum on rides, and tips really make up for the low fares, or that they should be outside ready to go instead of taking up to 5 minutes to come to the car and request for you to hurry cause they’re late. And not even tip…

Good for you!
Uber’s saying, We are their personal driver…
That doesn’t make us their personal slave.

Good job! Maybe now they won’t do that to others! They’ll be like, shit, I didn’t know they could kick me out of their car?!?!? Lmao They are lucky you didn’t start the trip and kick them out half way through!

Just before the 2am bar closing surge, l got a ping out to a small French restaurant near the beach. Pulled up and a guy smoking a cig comes out and says Dan is locking up and will be right out. At the 5 minute mark another guy comes out. First guy comes over again, says Dan had to find something, will be right out. Couple minutes later a guy comes out, and 3 of them stand by the door smoking and talking. I yelled out, If you don’t need a ride, other people do. One of them walks over and says, Hey be patient! I hit cancel and said, YOU be patient while you wait for another driver.

That’s why I wait one minute after that, I move on for the cancellation fee and move on. You know I drove 10 minutes for free to get here I know the app told you to be ready outside your driver it’s 2 minutes away but you don’t care, let him wait until am ready. Am paying for this $$$

Prolly my most memorable ride.
Picked up an XL ride. 5 guys 2 girls. Guys are plastered. Being loud and starting to get on my nerves not even 5 minutes in. Got 25 more to go. Pass a cop and they start screaming fuck the police. I wish we would get pulled over. I’ll spit in their face. Only ride so far that I’ve raised my voice. Actually I lost my shit (Keep in mind I come from a LEO background) I was about 3 blocks away from the local police station. Told the chic in the front I’m rerouting for a minute or so. I pull into the station right as 3 are walking out. Tell them what’s going on. Showed them the dash cam and they lost it on the guys. The girls was laughing their ass off. I told them I was done. Rides over. The girls ask if I can take them to the club and leave the guys back. Sure can. Off to the club we go. And app was turned off when I dropped them off.

I started driving for via for 2 months last year was verbally insulted by weird chicks few times as being reminded that i was cabie and I should lick there ass i handed them theres by kicking them out and reminding them they couldnt afford a cab hence taking shared dollar rides on uber so far so good almost a year since i started but nothing terrible on uber this year

Whoaaa. From what you are stating the pax didn’t seem to be overly offensive to you.He neither want to sit in the front nor listen to a radio- his right, isn’t it??? Didn’t you exaggerated the whole situation??? :thinking::thinking::thinking: