I called Uber and switched him to a 1 star from 5 stars

I took a man from downtown Tampa to the airport yesterday. Spotless car. I was dressed nicely. Had pleasant conversation the entire trip. Dropped him off safe and sound at departures. Have no idea what went wrong. Was it because I am 61 and did not help an obviously younger and fit man with his suitcases? I gave him 5 stars since I can’t rate right away based on tips. Of course he never tipped but gave me a fricking one star rating. Name was Jack. Lived in Dallas. Landscape architect. I called Uber and switched him to a 1 star.

Cool, how would you really know he gave you one star and not someone from 3 or 4 days ago?

yep that could be true , previous riders. Are you sure was him, cause they can rate us anytime, and we dont know who it is, for us we have to rate to get the next ride.

You can tell and it is their plan to be really nice to you and rate you one star and complain about things that never happened so they don’t have to pay for their ride. The rating system sucks because of this.

ya … you should only really do that when the comment makes it obvious who it is.

Not if u check how many 5 stars u have before and after each ride if anyone decides to rate later its probably a potential 1 star

I wouldn’t sweat it…oddly, the 1​:star: I had from about 3 months ago disappeared a week ago…I’m still under 500 trips…:thinking:

What happens when it’s greater than 500 trips? I made a vow a couple of months ago that since paxs are not very educated on the rating system, & how irritated, stressed I get from monitoring them at times to NEVER review again. The only thing I give attention to is comments. I refuse to let this little side job stress me!

If you’re "too old’ to help with the bags. Did you at least get out the car and walk to the back and close the trunk for him? Least you can do is walk to the back thank the guy and close the trunk for him.

How do you know if he’s the one-star rider? I thought that was all anonymous.

How do you know it was him? You could’ve had another rider rate you.

I have had new ratings appear when I haven’t driven for 9 days. No way of knowing who rated you. They make sure of that so you can’t go back to their address to get revenge.

When changing PAx ratings we need to be very careful. Uber has a lot of delays in the ratings and he might not be the one that gave you the one star

I only had four rides on Thur and tipped. First was 3 hours one way. Yesterday, four rides because I did Amazon restaurants before Uber. Three tipped. He was ride no. 2. I am very careful and observant.

Please try to comprehend…the one star could have been weeks ago…i haven’t driven uber in months and my rating changed a week ago. Pax can rate you any time

I was in an accident that has screwed up my mobility so I have a hard time walking without a cane. I always ask when I pick up at the airport or see bags. If they want my help I get my cane and hobble over and grab their bags 99% of the time they see me trying to walk and the decline the offer.

This is an example of why I don’t sweat the star ratings. They will level off. Just do your job and move on.

They don’t have to rate until they need another ride. He might not have even rated you yet.

I always get out and either help throw bags or close the trunk. I also look to be sure they don’t leave anything behind. Huge pain in the ass to return an item to a rider when you could be out doing other rides. Also, FORGET TIPS! Geez, this is Uber/Lyft. Before I get slammed for being honest, understand I say all of this with no malice. I run Monday thru Friday days in the Denver market. I don’t have a rating problem on either platform.

I got a 1 star last night. im so bummed. and the only thing i can think of is that I didnt help one guy with his suitcase either last night. It all goes so fast. there were 4 people, i guess i should have jumped out and at least offered to help. but this was a Man also, thought he could handle it. but like everyone said, it could have been that ride, or someone else. I have no clue.