I believe it's a race thing

Anyone else in Chicago notice abrupt cancellations by passengers on the north side of by Irving Park Lincoln Park area? Or have any of you guys noticed the Lyft app will give you one passenger then change it to another passenger then that passenger cancels immediately?

Personally I believe it’s a race thing. Your thoughts?

A race thing? That is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve heard all day, I hope you’re kidding and seriously not this stupid.

I’d love to have this discussion with you, however, I make it a point to never argue with idiots. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. I will say you two assholes should be ashamed of yourselves. Throwing out the race card because rides get canceled is a disgrace to every single person who has experienced true racism.

Blah blah blah u ain’t saying shit like I said why can’t white people believe there’s racist people. Why cus u don’t see it huh. That’s the conclusion we came up with what yours

I never said there are no racist people. I said this isn’t a case of Lyft being racist. Look I know you went to CPS’s should I draw it out in crayon for you?

How do you know it is racism? How do you know that a person canceling a ride is because “they looked at your picture”? You’re full of shit. I feel it… I felt all my life. I been told they do… they heard other doing it so stfu

You’re so full of shit. You have no fucking clue what racism really is. Gtfo with that bullshit. There is no proof to support your bullshit narrative. If you’re going to accuse some one of racism, yes you need proof. Furthermore you yourself are bigoted and no better than those you accuse.

My market is considerably slower than Chicagos so it’s not even worth comparing. I do get cancellations daily. I’ve already answered your question. I’m beginning to wonder if you have some sort of mental impairment which concerns me. I don’t like messing with disabled people. Motherfucker, you can’t even form a complete sentence and you’re going to continue to try to school me on racism?

Youre smart you’ll figure it out. You seem to be a very rational and logical person. Good luck with the remainder of your life sir.

Look, some people do cancel because of your skin color or if u are a man or a woman. People do discriminate for no reason. I could have 5 stars and a sweetest personality but the hate is real out here. I live in North Carolina and I could be 2 minutes 1 minute away from the passenger and they were still cancel.

he’s made several bigoted comments towards white people and myself directly prior to me saying that. You fucking hypocrite. He insinuated that I’m a skinhead and a member of the KKK, if that isn’t bigoted I don’t know what is. He judged me based on he color of my skin and my haircut. A group that supports false accusations of racism and aggression has no purpose for me anyways. So the notion of being banned from this garbage is hilarious. This entire thread has been nothing but “things like that”. Furthermore sir, he got aggressive. He made physical threats of violence going so far as to give me his address. At least be honest your hypocrisy is embarrassing.

You honestly give credit to the narrative that Lyft is taking rides away and giving him cancelled rides because the organization is racist? Don’t you ever get tired of the race card being thrown out every single time a minority doesn’t like an outcome? At what point do we say “No, that’s not racism that’s just the way it goes sometimes”? I worked two hours on Lyft today, received 4 rides three of which cancelled. Racism? Doubtful. I’ve never stated it doesn’t happen, but there is no evidence to support that Lyft is a racist organization.

Wait what? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:. Who said Lyft was taking away the calls? I do believe the op said it was the passengers who were canceling. Lyft never cancels the ride…lol. passengers do.

Honestly, I think people are double booking Lyft and Uber and Uber is getting there first so they cancel. He stated he receives a ride, and then Lyft changes the rider and the second rider cancels. “Or have any of you guys noticed the Lyft app will give you one passenger then change it to another passenger then that passenger cancels immediately?”

Cancellations happen all the time. There is 0 evidence to support the narrative that there is racism on the part of the passenger or the organization. I understand what he is explaining but he is attempting to make a correlation between Lyft changing the rider and the rider canceling. It doesn’t happen as often as you want to believe it does. Because white people cant experience racism. I can post video after video of white people being discriminated against.

So when those 4 black kids grabbed that white autistic boy in Chicago and beat and tortured him because he was white and Trump got elected that wasn’t racism? What about the black men that dragged the white man out of his car because he was white also in Chicago and beat him because Trump was elected, also not racism? How about the fact that long before I made my “racist comment” he jumped into I’m a skinhead with the KKK, that wasn’t racism? The problem isn’t Trump, you’ve lost sight of what racism is. By today’s standards simply disagreeing with a minority is racism.

Why is anyone trying to be rational with. This person came right out and called stupid for asking a question about something I’m speculating. He’s clearly a troll looking to stir the pot.

Race , as in who will get better price and service or race as whites driver getting more rides then blacks, blacks getting less, help me understand!!:scream:

What I’m saying, is that I’ve had multiple customers who are not black request rods from me and immediately after they request a ride they cancel. I’ve had a passenger that I picked up in Irving Park area of Chicago who requested a trip immediately canceled requested again and because I was the only driver in the area he got me again and I was still heading to that location and she cancelled again requested again and it gave me the Ping again and I pulled up right next to her and I asked her I said hey are you the person I was picking up. And she said yes the app is messing up and I was at all K cool and I just drove off. But I didn’t even say anything to her about the cancellations all I did was ask her what her name was so why was she immediately sought explaining about the app having some sort of issues. But I seriously doubt that the app was having any issues my personal opinion is it’s a racial thing.

It has happened to me …they canceled while in my car 3 times…i think they are trying to bring down the cost of the fare by canceling during your drive, takes them a few minutes to enter a different location all while pretending they are new to the area… I should have just cancelled them out and ask them to figure out where they wanted to be and request another right?

nope. not a race thing by any means. riders want a driver and dont give an f about who it is. this is not the 70s.

what it IS, is the passenger/driver reassignment process that the math in the back end says there is a closer driver or passenger. this is REALITY. not your petty bs.