I am rejecting the settlement because of the following reasons below;

The amount of the claim is neither Fair, Reasonable or Adequate due to the true value of this case because we have not determined a major factor in determining Employee STATUS, which in turn make this issue grossly deficient because of Uber Technologies deactivating drivers causing them damages mentioned below and according to the FCRA laws about Background checks drivers were falsely deactivated without proper notice.

Uber was deactivating me and a tons of drivers for years due to Background checks and not giving us any explanations due to the specifics of our so called " what’s on our Background check report". Leaving drivers in limbo and without a job.

Uber was retaliating on me and fellow drivers for years and deactivating them due to driver posting negative post about Uber on Facebook where Uber office Employees hangout on a regular basis to monitor our comments by deactivating tons of drivers for their comments about Uber and their unfair labor practices. Uber would intern deactivate us WITHOUT NOTICE and we drivers would have to contact them by going to the office and there we’d learn that something was wrong with our background check and our background check was not even up for renewal.

While protesting in front of the Uber headquarters, Uber employees would come out and take pictures of us to deactivate us then use the excuse we didn’t pass the background check.

Also Uber deactivated me on 2 occasions when I submitted my first petition and other petition randomly…I believe they were annoyed with my constant submissions to the court. Both times they said it was my background check issue but they would not disclose why and just deactivated me without notice. Both times I threatened them with a lawsuit and eventually they reactivated me.

How can we put a monetary value on this class action lawsuit regarding background checks without assessing all the damages in reference to the background checks?

I believe your honor that the court is putting the carriage before the horse, due to these major facts.

More importantly, the California Labor Commissioner’s Office said that a driver for the ride-hailing service Uber should be classified as an employee, not an independent contractor.

The ruling in June of 2015 ordered Uber to reimburse Barbara Ann Berwick $4,152.20 in expenses and other costs for the roughly eight weeks she worked as an Uber driver. If this was awarded to Barbara Ann Berwick for approximately 8 weeks of driving for Uber…how much can be assessed for what Uber has caused in damages in reference to the background check for each driver concerned, when Uber is the most successful startup in the World. Why are they so successful?.. because they thrive on the loins and exploitation of hundreds of thousands of drivers throughout the U.S. and the World. Not only daily but on a minute by minute basis.

Also what I respectfully as the court to look at is that throughout the U.S. Uber drivers have won unemployment claim against Uber due to deactivation for failed background checks, whether drivers really failed or not and or other factors, Uber is deactivating without notice. Therefore, Uber owes drivers monetary damages in far more magnitude than the $7,500,000 amount mentioned in reference to Background checks.

(In 2015 I personally furnished copies of my petitions to various U.S. LABOR boards throughout the State to try and help and avenge Uber drivers and Uber’s gross advantage they have by bypassing the law with their monetary power throughout the U.S. and the world.

New York’s state administrative Law Judge Michelle Burrowes June 9, 2017 ruling stated that Uber exercise sufficient supervision and controlled over substantial aspects of their work as drivers”. She further stated Uber did not employ an arm’s length approach to claimant as would typify an independent contractor agreement. She also trashed Uber attorneys who argued, that Uber is a technology company rather than a transportation company. Attorney Burrowes stated, If Uber is going to maximize their profits off the driver’s labor, you owe the drivers their rights and benefits under the law.

Lastly, the true value of this case is grossly deficient due to all the above reasons. Therefore, how could we put a true value on this case without determining our Employee STATUS?

UBER, still has the right to terminate us at will, including using our background checks and proper disclosure of their findings, etc… How is that possible if we are independent contractors?

Uber would not survive without all the drivers. I and the THOUSANDS of drivers I represent seek monetary damages because for years Uber called us “partners” therefore I’m seeking damages for monetary compensation for moneys earned during the Fiscal years/period in question because “we ALL worked under their partner claim”. Therefore, your honor this claim is grossly out of place, out of line, along with being grossly deficient with all due respect to you.

NOTE: The app should have an option for the driver to set their fares if, in fact we are truly independent drivers.

Why are we forced to take all fares or be threaten for deactivation “if Uber is just an app?”
Damages are owed to me and all drivers in the U.S. due to this fact.

Uber has for years been told by us drivers that we want higher pay for our services rendered. Uber has been emailed by its drivers, including myself. We have protested for years in front of Uber headquarters etc. And we have been punished for it.

There is a minimum wage throughout the U.S. and it cost us an average of .52 cents a mile to run our vehicles, we receive not much more than that and in some markets throughout the U.S. is as low as .30 cents per mile. How could that be with the minimum wage laws? We should be receiving our expenses plus the minimum wage per hour.

Drivers are respectfully waiting for your decision and trust that you will help all drivers be able to serve the general public and be able to provide for their families.

Sounds like you protested yourself right out of a gig. Just like fast food workers. Hats off. Congrats

Good luck with that… FIRST when you and ALL other drivers signed up, you were ALL aware that your were INDEPENDENT contracts and NOT employees. If you wanted benefits then you ALL should get an 8- 5 job, where you punch a clock and get paid per hr, told what your schedule you WOULD work, You ALL signed and agreed to be paid per mile and time with a base fare. The only thing that you may have a case with is, that if you were able to drive without a problem before after having a background check, then Uber deactivated you after you protested saying it was due to your back ground check, they would have to provide a reason what it was that caused it. Uber owes you and other drivers NOTHING… Uber pays you per trip, per mile, time…

There are a lot of grammatical errors in your letter. You should have it reviewed and corrected by somebody with a better understanding of the written word, otherwise it won’t be taken seriously by the judge or anybody else that reads it.

can you fix it for me. I just message you. ENGLISH is my second language.
I sent over 14 to 17 petitions to Judge Edward Chen the poor guy and I think he felt sorry for me and just allowed them in court.
They are all in there written badly and all.
Im embarrassed that I have no option but to try and make a change so we can get paid more money for these rides at we do. I’m desperate no one else will do it

do you understand what AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES mean? Very soon, Uber will not need us. A robot will be doing the driving. Protesting is a waste of time.

Another point…we can’t ask them to raise the settlement like you did in the beginning of the letter. It wont be included because it didn’t follow instruction guidelines

The guidelines were that you couldnt reject the settlement and cut yourself out of the lawsuit. Those are two different processes.
Also i wanted to write another petition statinf that the process was bias because in big bold letters it allows you to put yourself in our out of the claim but it didnt do the same from allowing you to reject the settlement. So they are failing to do their fiduciary duty to all drivers concerned

The case number is on the letter head as I have sumitted 14 to 17 before…trust me…they all look the same and they stopped the stupid $100 million dollar lawsuit. Me and 2 other friends and a ton of petitions were submitted by us and the O’Conner vs Uber Technologies was stopped. Trust me but ITS STILL AN UP HILL BATTLE.

I’m sorry, but if you’re going to write something like this you might want to make sure it’s grammatically correct. You do not sound educated at all and I would of just thrown it away. Not to mention the content is just pure BS. Good luck.

I’m not a “dumb” Uber driver. I choose to drive because of the flexibility of the schedule. I have a disabled brother who needs my assistance, driving for Uber and Lyft allow me to be there for him.

Now it’s your turn to answer a question…Why are you such an ass?

You really need to clean up the grammatical errors if you expect anyone to read the complaint.

Soneone fix it and send it to me via messenger… Trust me…the judge knows me all to well because of the grammatical errors but I told him im not formally educated as he could see. Lol hey I got an e for effort and he took tjem and for a while. Judge Chen allowed me to defend myself prose’ (however u spell it)

If you already know that there’s a lot of errors but don’t know what they are, then you should have taken it upon yourself to take it to someone to correct it before sending it to the judge and also posting it here. We point it out and now you just expect someone here to do it for you when most of us don’t even agree with it. LOL

Good if you dont afree with it then thats cool. You’re a driver and running your car to the ground, putting astronomical miles. On it without getting compensated for it…I might not be abkw to write but Im not stupid and I wont let anyone EXPLOIT my or at least NOT without a fight.

Believe it or not I’m one of the main drivers that got the cancellation fee back on the app twice in San Francisco and twice in Los Angeles my dear

I’m not trying to be mean but, Judge may not take this seriously, with all of the grammatical, and punctuation errors.

Even though no one else will say it I will…thank you for standing up to Uber and trying to make a difference for all of us assholes in this group. You see how Uber has them all conned? As long as no one stands up we’ll all keep driving our personal vehicles into the ground for pennies and we’ll all be replaced with driverless cars in about 5 years. But everyone go ahead and keep attacking Mora for her poor grammar…forget that English is her 2nd language…just keep attacking…it’s what we do best in this group

You have a choice…don’t drive your vehicle into the ground…get an 8 to 5 job. Why would you sign up to drive and then decide you are going to change their rules…#get an 8to5

I agree. I think we need more of a united front because the rates are so low and since no one else cares they’ll keep screwing the drivers if we don’t stand up. While she has some grammatical errors, doesn’t mean we should label her or make fun of her post. Heck I’m in the Orlando area and the rates here is most likely the lowest in the country. Not to mention also both Uber and Lyft take better care of their drivers in California as I believe the rates are higher. Also…they continue to push things to the limit and get away with it. That’s why Uber has so many lawsuits.

We are all divided and attacking those that try to stand apart…that is EXACTLY what Uber, or any corporate entity for that matter, wants. They want us to attack each other so while we are busy doing that they are busy fucking us up the ass. Go ahead…keep it up people.