I accepted every ping for weeks but my acceptance rate never showed 100%

I don’t think I missed any pings by accident. Now I will pass on a ping occasionally but my acceptance rate is always around 90% no matter how many I let go or if I accept them all! I don’t trust Uber with acceptance, cancellation and ratings. We have no way to verify.

I have noticed when I flip thru my apps, if I change apps at the right(or wrong) monent as a ping comes thru, it doesn’t pop up on my screen unless I go back to the actual driver app. Only way to see you have a ping if the top bar header on iPhone says “trip request” instead surge or you’re online.

But in general I’ve never not accepted a ping. Cause you know, you never know it could be a guy that tips me $100 on a $47 fare(true it happened) or someone waiting 10min just to go 8 blocks when in that time they could’ve walked there.

Yeah I know there’s ways to miss calls without knowing it, I’ve had it all happen to me. Its justs that no matter how hard I try to accept (being very careful of the above mentioned pitfalls) I can never get a 100% acceptance rate for a week. Been doing this for over a year now.

My overall rate has to be 98% I don’t think I’ve rejected 20 ride yet. The last 3 happened while waiting for a passenger load up his app so he could request me to give me ride to the train station. It’s a scheduled pickup don’t know if it’s against policy no cash is exchanged.

I have to chime in real quick! Speaking of not missing Pings, how many of you guys leave your app on while in the bathroom? just so you don’t miss a ping.

I never shut it off when I gotta piss or I’m getting gas. Pax can wait the extra minute as the uber app usually tells them I am 2 minutes away when I already arrived.

I accept every ride. Been a few months since I used Uber but same holds true for Lyft. Never know where the ride will take you and I’ve done well.

I know I haven’t. And by the way, you can solve your own problem most of the time by accepting, calling pax immediately and letting them know how far away you really are. 80% of the time those I call decide to cancel and try again.

I’ve taken a 35min pick up and it ended up being to the airport back 55min(67miles). Guy called me right after I took the fare and said it would be worth my time as he’s going back to my area airport which I quickly estimated was worth at least a $100. It was $124 plus he tipped me with a $20 gift card to Starbucks!!

Good for you! That’s awesome. I’ve picked up some 15 min away, but most have “burned” me. In busy areas I only take up to 8 min on app (after accepting it’s about 6 min on waze) and in less busy areas I only take up 12 min on app (after about 10 min on waze). That’s been working pretty well in my area.

Do you get penalized for not accepting pings? Since I’ve been set up Uber XL I let most UberX requests go, especially at the airport, as that’s a big hit to take on commission.

I may not always accept a ping when I get it. The biggest reason for not accepting a rider is distance. If the rider is more then 10 minutes away I will not take that ping. I find that it’s usually not worth the gas to get there. Where can i look to find my acceptance rating?

I think I accept 100%, but I don’t know how to find out my specific number. I’ve only missed a couple pings because the app would freeze as I’m trying to accept.

We have a lot of drivers here in Charlotte, so depending on the time of day, I’d rather take the chance than pass up a trip. Could be worth it, maybe not, as mentioned above, it is a gamble.

No. I let all uber pool requests expire. Riders at 4.3 or below get ignored. 10 minutes to pick up or less, with an exception for one area 15 minutes from my house that generates $30 fares for the effort.