Hurry! Don’t miss your chance of making thousands of dollars through drivers referrals!

The thirst for earning an extra bit of money is no crime. Some might say that it is just plain greedy, but to look at extra money positively, is only a way to live a bit better. You must have heard that in the corporate scenario employees can earn bonuses by referring another potential employee to the organization. It is one of the easiest ways of earning extra bucks if you play it smart. Same is the case for drivers. It is a proven fact as well. Latest statistics conclude that a large number of drivers are making huge money only by using the drivers’ referrals.

Income diversification is crucial now that you are in a way, a business owner. To achieve the amount of desired earnings, the principle stands same, i.e., by the best use of referrals. Yes, there is a world outside driving that is waiting for you to explore regarding extra earning options. Many rideshare drivers have been taking this path and have ended up earning thousands of dollar apart from their fixed monthly income. Don’t miss out on the golden opportunity. It’s time to know how it all works.

How did referrals come into the picture?

Lyft, Uber and other commute companies have introduced referral policies primarily for their benefits. They had intended to improve the business operations of the company with the help of increased supply. Now, you would obviously know how the supply would go up. Yes, you drivers sure do have a vast network and that did fall to the notice of these companies. They implemented it to their master plan and thus came in the inception of the referral policy. The introduction of the same not just benefit the company but also the drivers that were involved with the organization. It is a win-win policy.

It’s high time you take advantage of your driver referrals! Here’s why.

Growth is what tops the list of priority when it comes to TNCs. High referral bonuses may seem a bit too much from a financial point of view at the initial stages, but it proves to be great and contributing to the exponential growth of the companies. It is still growing. So why not be smart enough to make your profits out of it? Driver referrals are not going to dry out any soon.

Say for instance the 100$ million double-sided referral bonus that was offered by the Lyft. This referral offer has now surely become infamous but does you know or have any idea about the volume of profits that this referral bonus harvest on both ends? So, listen up. Trusted sources are of the opinion that as a result of this referral bonus Lyft had got new driver applications that totaled to around 25,000. The company was back then not fully equipped to handle such bulk applications, but as per verified reports, they did hire around 10,000 drivers out of the total applications. So, how much is it in the name of a potential driver referral bonus? Yes, 10$ million.

Now that your attention is this way, moving on to the ongoing referral bonuses!

The famous saying goes that in this modern world it is all about working smart and not hard. You may work as hard as you can but what guarantee is there that you will reap with equal intensity. Then why not become a smart rideshare driver instead? Opting for the driver referral bonus is the smartest move that you can make to increase your earnings. It is not every day that you will come across such amazing offers. More than often drivers lose out on them, thinking that they can save it for later. Well, it’s time for a reality check. These referrals don’t last for eternity. The offer keeps changing.

If you are truly interested in making money out of referrals, the time is ripe! Take a close look at some of the ongoing promotions that companies are offering as an exchange for referring new drivers:

Lyft: Get 50$ after every 20 rides just by referring a new driver.

Uber: Just post one ride Uber offers 500$ for referring an already existent Sidecar or Lyft driver.

Another Uber Offer: (amount varies) you can get up to 150$ after reaching 20 rides if you refer them a new driver.

HopSkipDrive (only applicable for Los Angeles): After five rides with the code ‘RideshareGuy’ get 100$ for every new driver that you refer.

Sidecar: Use the code HARRY86 and get your hands on 100$ after every ten rides on referring a new driver.

You are a driver; you know how hard it is to earn a 100$ only by driving. No one’s asking you to quit driving but, it is wise enough to bank on these referrals alongside driving because more and more niche companies are paying these bonuses to recruit new drivers and also simultaneously exist amidst tough competition.

Grab it while the offer is still on!

You may think that these referral bonuses will last for an eternity, but it is not always so. It is thus wise to be a savvy businessman by taking advantage of the opportunity while the offer is existent. Take Lyft’s 1000$ referral bonus for example. Everyone thought that the offer would last for at least a week’s time as was slated but, to their astonishment the offer exhausted within 24 hours.

Here are some techniques of efficient referrals:

  • Stalk drivers from the app (from the passenger’s side), follow them when they stop handing them over a flyer with all details of signing up with Uber as drivers.
  • Online forums can help a great deal in this case. Drivers are now using online marketing in an attempt to refer new drivers and acquire the attractive bonuses. But well, there is much competition in this medium as it is easy.

Ultimately, the final call is yours as to how you make successful referrals and enjoy the fruits of this business.